Well I just witnessed a crack transaction!

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    Hello fellow GC members,
    I would like to report that I witnessed a crack transaction of decent proportions upon the comfort of my front stoop. There is known crack dealer on my street, let's call him Jack. Jack has his house under constant surveillance due to a history of drug trafficking charges yet he still manages to sell. I toted on my cigarette and saw Jack surveying the area then leave. Shortly after, a Cadillac pulls on the street, turns the headlights off, and slowly rolls to a stop. Oh the irony! Someone gets out the passenger side and walks out of view to meet with jack obviously. About a minute or two later he comes back with a large backpack(filled with crack) gives me a head nod then precedes to get into the Cadillac. It's been a long but good day and that was definitely the best way to end it.
  2. you get your kicks out of watching others selling crack? =/
  3. i guy goes to meet jack
    then gets back
    in the car with back pack full a crack

    yes i'm high. :smoking:
  4. Welcome to the ghetto
  5. Lmao niceee... haha my dad makes rhymes like that all the time. He's not a toker tho haha
  6. "I'm just tryna get a mill I ain't tryna be a mack. Posted up in the club wit a pocket full of crack."


  7. Isn`t that line from side to side by 36-mafia?

    edit: 420th post :hello:
  8. this made me laugh for some reason lol.
    nice story though
  9. Lol sounds like a kinda boring event but whatever makes you happy...
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    There is not much going on in my area of the city at the wee hours of 2:35 am. As to the second post regarding me finding the situation as funny is incorrect. I think the fashion in which is was committed, the shady ass car, and being able to watch the it from an uncomfortably close location made it sweet.
  11. Thats so nasty, ack. If someone was selling crack around my house id be fuckin raged.
  12. Me to. Makes the neighborhood look bad and can be dangerous since crack dealers usually invite the wrong element around.
  13. Yeah I live in an interesting part of the city. It's near the end of a college town and the beginning of a pretty shady area.
  14. nice hahaha.
  15. wait wait wait,

    how did you know the backpack was full of crack, i mean it could of been full of bud or fucking newspapers for all you know.

    so dont judge people unless you know what is actually going down.

    wow that was harsher than i wanted it to be just trying to make a point
  16. Crack is small, the only way the backpack would be full of crack is if he has a key or two, for an ounce or two they could just do an easy hand to hand type shit.
  17. Backpack full of crack? Does this guy have a coca plantation in his back yard?..
  19. well the good news is...if you ever become a crackhead..you only have to walk across the street to buy it
  20. Big L rhymes about selling crack. And the story was pretty good :).

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