Well i just lost my best friend last night...

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  1. Well to start it off it was my bestfriend who ive known for 3 years and went out with for 2. I told her everything about me, she was the one who i went to if i had a problem, i could go to her with anything. She just had a problem with me smoking pot but she didnt have the same perspective on it as all of us. She was narrow minded and blamed all my problems on it.

    Well the other day i tried coke once just to try it. I had to feel it once the temptation was always there. Well it was god damn amazing but im not fuckin with it anymore. I havent done it again since. It was fun and all but too addicting.

    I never told her about it because i knew she would get upset. Her cousin had died from a cocaine overdose so i can see where she was coming from. But she found out somehow from someone and refuses to talk to me or be my friend now. I promised her in the past i would never do it. Im not her man or anything anymore so i can make my own choices.

    So if i try to make contact now with her either she warns me of her boyfriend or she hands the phone to her boyfriend.

    Seriously all over a one time use of coke. Dont judge me for it either guys
  2. Haha man no ones going to judge you on this forum for doin some coke.
  3. She is childish. She has no right to judge you for what you, a grown man, wants to do with his life.

    On the other hand, can you blame her for not wanting to surround herself with people who do things she's not exactly down with?

    It sucks, losing friends like that sucks. It seems as though what's done is done and you cannot change it now. As hard as this advice may be to follow you need to find new friends.

    I've been noticing my best friend drifting away from me because she's found a 16 year old friend who likes to go to parties with her, get drunk and act stupid. I'll chalk it up to a lesson learned and move on, make new friends and have new memories. :D
  4. I have to say....
    I see where she's coming from.
    If she cares about you a lot and you go trying a drug that's had really negative effects on her life, I can understand her getting angry and not supporting you or your decision.
    My mother recently got over an addiction to cocaine and watching what she went through was disgusting, for lack of a better word. I'd be really disappointed if any of my good friends decided to 'go there' even once. Once is all it takes... But if they're really my friend, I'd still be there for them as a friend.

    So hopefully she too will come around so you guys can work it out.
    If not, some things happen that are out of your control. Like girlyS said, make new friends and have new memories!
  5. drugs are bad .....Mmmmmmmkay...

    stick to the weed..................and some liquor..
  6. if she cant respect u for doing alittle white, you are better off w/o her
  7. Amen


  8. i absolutely hate liquor im a weed kind of man. Pills and coke are always a temptation but use only in moderation.
  9. coke is ok with me :cool: and that girl sounds like a sandy vagina

    stay away and soon you can be blowing eight balls with no worries:)
  10. You made the decision to do coke.

    Sucks she found out.
  11. Sounds like she wanted to be more than just friends form her actions. Her shutting you out of her life seems like a reaction from someone who Loves you but is not truly showing it.

    Sucks that you lost her. Ive had many "girl friends" like this, some will fade but the one that sticks with you is the one you should be with.

    If you wan't to be with this girl I see no reason why you can't seeing as how she reacted how she did. Screw the boyfriend she obviously cares for you if she is reacting how she is.
  12. you did coke, she found out. sorry to say but knowing her family past you deserved what you got. also, try to stay away from coke as much as possible, use only in rare instances

  13. Yeah she was in love with me but she had the new guy who she cared for way more and put in front over anything. She was trying to juggle two guys basically at one point after our breakup. Sucks that our friendship had to end like this but i got other way better friends who would look out for me with that shit and not just tell me to fuck off for doing it.
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    My dad died of heroin and if one of my friends did heroin I would not talk to them anymore either, So I see 100% where she coming from with the coke thing.

    No one wants to re live a tragedy twice, and thats what it is to her.

    to protect herself from loosing another loved one and having to re live it all over she is cutting off ties to you. Its reasonable really.

    You can tell her you will only do it once in awhile and you are not addicted but to her that doesnt change a thing, watch a close family member of yours die from a drug then watch your close friends do the same drug. You wont give a shit if they say sorry of if they say I wont do it again. It's hard to watch people go through something when you've seen the same something KILL someone you knew.

    Shes giving herself emotional insurance by not talking to you. You should not blame her ONE BIT for that.

    Edit: the reason why i said I would not give a shit if my friends said sorry is because my dad the one who died of OD said sorry, said he was going to rehab, said he wouldnt do it again.

    Guess where he is now? Dead and cremated sitting in a jar in my work shed, inside a dark box getting dust.

    I'd never forgive him or anyone else for that.

    Nothing worse than watching your friend or family self destruct and there is nothing you can do about it, she is protecting herself.
  15. If her brother died of a cocaine overdose then you cannot blame her for hating everything to do with cocaine. However, if you only did it once and never do it again then she will probably forgive you eventually, but you will have to give her time. If you care about her that much then don't let her drift away completely, otherwise it'll be too late. Judging by her actions she must really care about you and you can't let someone who cares that much about you walk out of your life for good.

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