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Well, I just got caught

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Batmanchu, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. I'm sitting here, on the internet, doing whatever. Then, my dad calls me down, and I figure that it's just some bullshit he wants me to do. Then, points me over to the bathroom, sink, where there's a small bit of ash, and I play that shit off as cat litter or something. Then, he pulls me ou to the garage, and pulls out the bowl to my friend's bong. And then I'm like oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh fuck. We didn't even smoke the bong last night.

    I get the talk about societal implications, and how his friend's son has to work at Jimmy John's because he got busted, and the large corporations fire him because he has a weed charge on his record. And then I get "If you're gonna do this, don't be stupid about it". The one time we get stupid high, and I get caught. But really, besides the "I'm disappointed", he didn't take the slide, and didn't search me or my room.

    BTW, I'm home for Spring Break. In my head, this went a lost worse, but I essentially got of with a stern talking to. Holy shit. My heart is still going crazy.
  2. I get stern talks when my parents catch me, no searches or anything. They figure it's not worth going through my shit, it would only make it worse. :D
  3. lol the first time my mom knew that I'd tried weed was when we were all kids and my friend got caught with it but told his mom that it was mine and he told me that his mom was going to call my mom.
    So natrually I shit myself and had to bite the bullet and tell her myself because I thought it would seem better coming from me.
    She wasn't happy and the worst part is that my friends mom didn't even tell her lol.
    She doesn't really have a problem with me smoking it now though.
  4. Could have went worse, I suppose. At least he didn't take your stuff like I see people say all the time.

    My parents found out I smoked when I got arrested for it. Probably not the best way to tell them but all along they were cool with smoking as long as I don't let it get in the way of college.
  5. So you can still smoke?

  6. Pretty much, yea.
  7. I could go for some Jimmy John's right about now...
  8. I fucking love jimmy johns
  9. My sister works for Jimmy Johns. I kind of feel like the "The only place he can work is JJ's" is sort of an underhanded dig at my sister.
  10. what the hell is jimmy johns lol??
  11. Porn director
  12. <---My hometown had the first Jimmy Johns :D

    Also, did he not do the deferral program? My friend got busted with about 9 grams, 10 is intent to distribute here, and he got it off his record.

  13. Good.
  14. Sub sandwich place that I think is only in WI/IL. Fucking delicious.
  15. Nope we have them here in FL
  16. And over here in Pittsburgh
  17. it's not just in those states..I've also been to one in nc and mi
  18. It's in Louisville too
  19. Nice, I'm glad more people can enjoy it, haha
  20. For all you people who don't know what Jimmy Johns is, it is basically a better version of Subway that delivers until 2 am.

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