Well I have relized I have a problem.

Discussion in 'General' started by Misfit, Feb 8, 2004.

  1. i find myself drinking every other night to the point where i feel relaxed and some nights going overboard drinking to the point just b4 blacking out. and if im not drinking im smokeing up. and if im not doing either i wanna do it. my friends have been tellin me i need to get help for a while and i didnt want to listen to them. so starting in a few days im quittin everything and if i cant do it with my friends help im gonna start going to NA and AA. not a fun time for me. its happened once b4 and now its starting again.
  2. Well good luck with it and try and keep it occasional use.

    Do you use any other drugs than alcohol or cannabis or did you before?

    Even if you only smoked every couple of days or everyday is fine but not drinking everyday...keep the drinking to weekend use, you'll thank yourself.
  3. the only things i do is canabus and alchol

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