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well i hate tobacco but tried this.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by detailed one, May 25, 2010.

  1. well i been dry for 3 days now and never looked at my bottem chamber of my grinder. totally forgetting it was behide my speaker of my stereo (how did it get there who knows) but it was small amount of kief just to get me stoned so i added a pinch of tabacco over the filter and then piled my kief on and took it in one hit the head rush hit me super hard like it took over the high and then after my high crept up.

    it was a weird ass feeling (been like forever since i touched a tobacco).:smoke:
  2. i smoke tobacco (sadly but right now it is helpful for my t-break) and the head rush it gives you the first time you smoke it of the day... awesome, then it becomes shit throughout the day and it's a freaking dumb expense... i should stop this shit after t-break
  3. Yeh this was a 1 time thing i just didnt want my kief to fall threw into the water and me like "yeh im a dumbass".
  4. when i started it was a one time thing, 2 years ago... smoked cigs each day since then, cause when i wanted to quit i always needed tobacco for my jays cause i don't like it as much without any tobacco,it's too harsh, maybe it's my weed sadly it's mids i don't know any connections that has dank, which is why i shall grow...

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