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Well, I had a minor stroke Monday.

Discussion in 'General' started by foxracing500r, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. At 21, I had a minor stroke.

    I was driving. Thinking a little bit about a stressful situation. Then just started jamming out to some Floyd.

    Then all of a sudden I started having a heart palpitation. From there, (I will try and explain what it felt like) my heart felt like it expanded real huge, then felt like it shrunk and stopped.

    The pain was contracting my muscles in my left arm, and where my heart is. Then a feeling like a waterfall of cold blood rushing to my head happened. By this time, I pulled off on the side of the road because I couldnt see I was so dizzy. I looked in the rear view, but I couldnt see my eyes, things were too blurry. But I did see my face was as red as a tomato. I felt my head to see if I was feverish, but I wasnt. My head felt pretty normal.

    This lasted about 4 minutes, then the pain stopped. After that, I felt like I have been in a video game since. I see and do what I do, but it feels like I am just watching it.

    So I went to the E.R. They did an EKG on my heart, ran X-rays on my heart. Then a catscan to see what was wrong with a part of my chest near the heart. I had an I.V. hooked up for hours, just chillin in a hospital bed watching "Shaun of the Dead."

    The doc came in and told me I had a minor stroke. He said due to my family history, and my own personal medical history. That I will die young. I will die younger if I dont stop smoking, and lose a bunch of weight.

    Damn. The crazy part, is he asked if I did drugs, and I told him I smoke weed everyday. He had nothing bad to say about it. He said I might get the munchies which will work against me on the losing weight thing, but thats all.
  2. Damn bro, glad to hear you're alright.

    Next time you get stressed, try yoga or something.
  3. Oh wow fox. That's scary should definitely quit smoking (if its cigs) and probably try to burn off some of the excess weight. Just because a doctor says you will die young doesn't necessarily mean that is going to happen. You have the power of changing that. Good luck with everything and I hope you're okay now.
  4. Wow man thats sucks, unlucky. You'll find that most docs dont care if you smoke weed, they've done the research. My doc just says "You know in some extreme cases it can lead to paranoia and schizophrenia?"

    You gotta cut down on smokin and start dieting and excersing!
  5. Cigs are gone today. While its just for the time being, I am just using Camel SNUS.

    The weight thing will start Monday. I only need to lose 50lbs. So its not that bad really.

    When all that went down in the car, I was ready to die. I thought that was it. Now looking back and thinking. I am not ready, and I wont be for atleast 40 years. I will change.

  6. hope you can stick with it man, cigs are hard to stay off of. its so worth it in the long run though, same with the weight. hard to keep it off but will be worth it. good luck man, glad to hear youre alright after that
  7. Good luck with the cigs and weight, it will be tough but pay off in the long run.

  8. Glad to hear that. Good luck with everything, man :) you can do it.
  9. I just went to the hospital on Tuesday cause I thought I was having a heart attack when I woke up and I have had this feeling before when I smoke and shit too sometimes. (I'm 21 also) I'm pretty skinny and shit and I was big into lifting untill about 5 months ago when my heart started feeling crazy everyday after I mixed adderall and dxm one day.

    Well come to find out my left lung was 15% collapsed so I gotta go back to the hospital and shit tomorrow and then to a lung specialist on Tuesday.

    I still think my hearts fucked up even though the ekg came out fine because I'll be layin down and shit sometimes and I just hear my heart clicking and shit from the outside of my body and it goes with my pulse, I can hear it. I asked the hospital if they test for heart valve problems and they said the EKG they did wasnt a test for shit like that so I think I got heart valve problems too.

    I hope we get through this shit alright man, we are way to young for shit like this. Good luck with everything man, strokes are terrible.
  10. Holy shit man, I'm going to quit cigarettes too.

    Glad you made it out relatively okay and didn't crash your car or anything.

    I'm going to look at this as a wake up call for me too, I'm not overweight but I sure as hell am out of shape.
  11. It's nice to hear that the doctors are sensible and aren't all against the herb.

    On a more important note though, I'm glad you're alright. Take it easy and definitely stay off the cigs. Give up the snus too when you can, as while the smoke causes a large part of the negative effects of cigs, nicotine does put pressure on your heart and blood vessels, so dropping your nicotine habit entirely would definitely do you a lot of good.

    Don't let what the doctor said get to you though, he's trying to sober you up to the fact that you're not healthy right now and you need to change. If you can face up to this and make the right changes you've got a looooooong life ahead of you, so get some exercise, eat more healthily, avoid munchies when high, stop the nicotine, stop any other stimulants (even caffeine, trust me, you'll thank me when you do, though withdrawal is a bitch if you drink a lot of caffeine drinks like I used to), and just enjoy yourself without putting too much strain on your body. In a few years time hopefully you'll be able to look back on this stroke as an amazing thing, as it will have been the eye-opener you needed to get back on track and make some positive changes to improve your life.

    Hope it all goes well man, peace :)
  12. fuck man, im glad you are alright..

    "sometimes we need extremes in life, to show us what is really valuable and get our head back on our shoulders." Bluntcheefah42 (2010)
  13. no *****, the weight thing will start today.

    dont die now, i wanna see more rabid racoon in a trailer shenanigans.

    glad he didnt tell ya to stop toking.
  14. What a good attitude after such a frightful experience. :hello:
  15. ehhhh that doc prob. burns too that why he didnt say shit about the trees, cause i remember when i told a doc i smoked herb he tried to convince me to quit, sayin it can cause cancer

    o and i had something similar but wasnt a stroke or this extreme, i think it was just extreme paronia while high
  16. Sorry to here that bro, goodluck to you on the losing wieght and the smoking...theres no way i could quit cigs, even knowing its gonna kill me early...Good luck Foxster
  17. Wow man, just wow. That sounds like a horrifying experience. If it gets you to change your ways this could be a good thing.

    What you are about to undertake can't be easy but I wish you the best of luck.
  18. Damn man, strokes are serious. I wish you the best of luck in changing your lifestyle to prolong your life. I'll send some good vibes your way when I roast my next bowl.

    I'll probably take a lot of heat for even suggesting it, but April Fools?
  19. That's really scary! Hope things get better for you fox! Good job on putting down the cigs.
    Eat lots of veggies and lean meats and whole grains :D

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