Well I got some parents very angry

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  1. There is this girl I am friends with. My friends parents were out of town so there was a little party. Drinking, smoking marijuana, nothing crazy, just a group of 12 or so people. Her parents got worried after they called one of her friends parents where she said she was staying. They then used this app that tracks where a phone is and basically showed up at my friends house at 8:30 in the morning. I answered the door thinking maybe it was my friends sister, since I had just made a morning trip to the restroom in my boxers and no shirt (its how I sleep).

    It turned out to be her parents and they know me. Basically they ask what the hell is going on and where their daughter is? I say we were just anging out and get his daughter. Behind me there was a bong on the table in plain view, and a lot of marijuana which I did not notice and forgot about but her dad did.
    I got some clothes on came upstairs with the girl, her dad then says, " Just hanging out, huh? You came to the door where nothing accept boxers and whats that over there?" I tell him its a bong and we were smoking marijuana since I wanted to be honest. The girls mom says I cant believe this is happening and they just left with her and told me I am not welcome to their house or to be seen with their daughter. She just turned 18 I'm 18 so its not some like anyone is 14 here. Definitely caught at the wrong moment and looking bad haha.

    They then thought I had sex with her. To be honest I didn't stick poon and acted nicely didn't get angry really since it could have erupted into a shit fest for sure. They would be happy to know that I actually look out for her at parties when guys try to molest intoxicated teen girls. Apparently parents are all gossiping about this shit, and talking about how bad of a person I am its fucked. Some women never grow the fuck up.

    Have any of you guys delt with any situations like this?
  2. Holy shit dude, just hold on and be yourself, it'll all work out.

    Bitter pill, for sure.
  3. Yeah.. fuckin sucked. It was a little different though. In the end i just realized she just wasnt worth all the trouble and bs lol.
  4. Yup, all my friend's parents know that I sold some stuff before, and by stuff I mean like what you find on your lawn!

    I'm still chill with most of the parents because they also know that I'm somewhat wealthy, and I'm well mannered and such but it's funny when I find out that they're all talking about me. I just lol.
  5. In high school all my friends parents hated me lol

    I'd get caught toking with my friends and because they couldn't handle the thought of their own child wanting to smoke, they'd pin it on me, and call me a bad influence. Most of my friends smoked way more than I did in hs and the ones that got me into have parents who think I got them into it lmao

    At first it bothered me, but then I just decided to not give a fuck :hello:
  6. well folks the main issue here is the blatant hate for the herb! tell those fuckers their lives would be 100 times better if they were smokin the dank

    their daughter and her friends already do. maybe they can all get together and smoke out

  7. Dude! It's good to hear that i'm not the only one who has to deal with this kind of bull, i think it might have to do with social class.

    No doubt her parents were worried about her, so much so that they came to your house looking for her.

    There's no shame in being involved in this kind of stuff, though it does suck. It just means that you're involved with people who really care a lot about the ones they love, and are responsible enough to act on it. Growing up i dealt with the same kind of stuff, to make things worse, my parents were just as over protective with me as everyone else's that i hungout with. So there was always this kind of stuff that went around from mother to mother, trying to keep their daughters away from us :p not like it worked though :p.

    Just keep in mind that they just really care about their kids, and double that for their daughters.

    It's legit that you look out for girls at parties, i do the same thing man. Cheers. Things will look up. It's also good that you kept your honesty.
  8. I always look through the window to see who's at the door before I open it.

  9. But they'll see you man!!!
  10. I have drapes or whatever you call them over my window. They can't see inside.

  11. your shadow.
  12. Yea and see you in your boxers too

    one of the two things I've learned is always see who's at the door before answering, even if they see you, atleast you could have gotten rid of the bong/bud

    second thing I've learned is never turn around if someone calls your name, I've been busted twice like that like a dumbass, now you can call my name all day and I won't turn around

  13. Great advice man, i'll keep that in mind.

    I'm kind of curious about how you could have been busted by someone calling your name though.
  14. [quote name='"Larebare"']

    Great advice man, i'll keep that in mind.

    I'm kind of curious about how you could have been busted by someone calling your name though.[/quote]

    Idk how it happened to him but here's how it happened to me. I was at a party that got busted and went out the back door with everyone else. Threw my hood on and walked down the street. I was all good until someone called my name. Turned around and it was a cop. Turns out somebody told them I had bud. Don't ever turn around when your names being called. Whether it be a parent or whoever. Just act like its not you.
  15. not to be trivial, but haters gonna hate man. fuck them they know so little, just old assumptive assholes.

  16. I got busted like this when I was a kid..(13-14).....I was at home, in bed, when the cops come to the door and tell my dad that I'm busted and have to go in to the station in the morning........my dad said, "some frigging friends you have, ratting you out.....go to bed" ..........for that instant my dad was my friend, the next day however, he woke up as my Dad and he made me pay for my mistake WAAY worse than the cops did....
  17. ha that sounds hella awsome. i wouldnt even worry about it. if ur still freinds with her in a few years, you and her parents will probably laugh about this.

  18. Ahaha! Nice one man! Turned the tables on her!
  19. [quote name='"Larebare"']

    Ahaha! Nice one man! Turned the tables on her![/quote]

    Yeah, i do that a lot, they got a search warrant for her house, and she never forgave me, she still calls the cops on my when i visit my old home :)
  20. I've been through that shit before. My friends and I got caught smoking a lot throughout high school on account of how stupid all of my friends could be, and I just found out recently that everytime we were caught they would throw me under the bus and say it was my bud when ninety percenty of the time we all threw in money for the bud.

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