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Well, I got hit by a car 2 days ago

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by HerbsINtheBurbs, May 12, 2006.

  1. While on my bicycle... I cracked his widshield and went flying. Thankfully, other than that I'm fully bruised, the only serious injury is a broken wrist. Ganja works incredibly for the pain (I'm vaporizing) but I was wondering if it woule be any more effective to smoke? Because I've come to understand that vaporizers do not release all of the cbd's. Either way, thank the earth for this healing herb, because this is excrutiating without it.
  2. smoke it, get all them active ingredients in ya, will make ya feel a lot better than the vape
  3. herbsintheburbs i feel ur pain 5 days ago on monday i broke my humerus bone right by my shoulder and it hurts like a bitch, i can barely do anything with only one left arm. people take their limbs for granted way too much these days but not me anymore after i realized how vital they are. i cant even do something so simple as to putting on socks or lighting a bowl.

    the worst part is sleeping, i gotta do that propped up; this is such a damper on my life at the moment
  4. Hmmm weed amplifies pain if anything to me lol
  5. man go back to the old fashion way and burn a blunt man your pain will wisp away into equinox but then a few hours later its gonna come back sorry:smoke:
  6. I know how it feels to break a wrist man it truly sucks but i completly agree with all these other cats man ,spark a blunt or toke a bong.
  7. just smoked, feelin great. Better than vaping, but I also use alot less when I vape.
  8. You gotta figure whats best for you. Its different for everyone. Just experiment.

    Vaping always relieves intestinal cramping, muscle cramping and migrane pain for me. A good milky bong hit will take care of most sharp pains.

    I prefer the vape for everything. if one bud doesnt work i just find a new strain and see how that works.

    Hope you feel better man!
  9. damn herbs he said some i got hit by a car..i was like shit herbs got hit by a car..hahaha fuck man i hope you gfet better ill smoke a fat bowl for you tonight
  10. when i got hit by a car i was like 10 , didnt have access to weed lol. but good luck with recovery man, got any stiches? i got like 4 next to my eye !!! Official "Scarface" lol , and 8 on my leg, plus 2 burns and broken arm. you got off lucky lol.
  11. I've never experienced the physical healing qualities of marijuana. All I can do in this situation is express my sympathy for your situation. Get better soon, Herbs. You da man.
  12. Thanks all... the pain is much better now :)
  13. Ah, fuck dude. Your lucky do be fucking alive. I'm glad you are though. It could have been a lot worse. Did the dude stop, and check on you?
  14. I had a bicycle accident myself like 3 years ago or so. I was very drunk and decided to "borrow" a bicycle from the playground and take a spin.
    I ended up falling on my face...almost broke my neck, half of my face was really fucked up. My neck was killing me for months.
    Too bad I wasn`t a stoner back then.
  15. Damn, sorry about the accident... I would say smoke it tho, when i vape i dont seem to get as high. And the feeling is always different, i like the smoking high better. Get you a bong and light it up! Hope you get better from the accident.
  16. Maybe try injesting it Herbs? Make some brownies or something, I always love the strong body high I get from eating weedfood, and I bet it would be great for your pains, as well. Hope you recover quickly man :D
  17. That's crazy, Herbs....glad to hear you're ok!!! :hello:
  18. Vape your bud... save the vaped herb.
    Can make ISO oil... or theres tons of recipies which you can use vape poo in.. super potent couchlock type high.
    When vaping.. vape poo still contains 33% of the cannaboids it started with.

  19. he started to pull away, but then some people got in front of him and started to yell. I'm told his car was towed, though I didnt think I damaged it that much.

    Thx for your well wishing all, I got the hard cast today.

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