Well... I finally decided to do it.

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  1. (Cliffnotes at bottom)

    Last night I could not sleep (due to insomnia) and I decided to take a journey into the unknown, as I have always wondered what deliriants were like..

    I decided to try dramamine.

    I have done mushrooms only twice in the past, both were bad settings and fairly bad trips.
    I learned my lesson after the first one, and I thought the second would be good, but I was wrong. I have never done acid, or any other psychedelic drugs. I have thizzed a couple of times.. and of course drink on occasion only and smoke weed daily. Back to the main point.

    I was sure I could handle it, and took 400 mg's. I didn't have a bad trip at all, and don't regret doing it in any way. Of course I researched it first. I can't remember too much, but I do remember I had a good body high (most people say they feel extremely uncomfortable?) and some trippy visuals.

    I was sitting in my living room, and I have a concrete fireplace (atleast I think its concrete) and it is hard to explain what it looks like.

    The area around the place where the logs go in, is in long rectangular strips (again, I don't really know how to explain this). I saw the indents in the just previously mentioned part of the fireplace turn into cardboard. Then on the bricks I saw the alphabet inscribed on them, and I thought there were logs in the fireplace burning, but I was wrong.

    I also could see movement in a glass cabinet in my kitchen, from the couch in the living room. I could hear all sorts of crazy noises, and I knew it was all in my head, because the doors were all locked. I never felt paranoid at all.
    Many times I thought I had a cigarette in my hand, although it was obviously not there.

    I also remember feeling like someone was pulling on my shoulders, and I was going down through the floor but also backwards at the same time while I was walking (felt very strange, I stumbled quite a bit)

    The can't remember the details of the rest right now, I need to really think about all of it.. I took generic motion sickness 50mg dimenhydrinate (dramamine).

    I don't want to hear about how bad it is for me, so if you come here to post about that, just leave.

    To anyone who actually read it all, what did you think about dramamine?(if you've done it of course)
    Tell your stories!

    By the way, I am in no way recommending dramamine to anyone.. although I didn't freak out and had a pretty good trip, a lot of people freak out from the stuff.. Do it at your own discretion.

    If my grammer or spelling isn't very good, I'm pretty stoned and had a couple of beer while watching the hockey game. I apologize in advance:smoke:

    Cliff notes:

    -I couldn't sleep due to insomnia.

    -I had been wondering what deliriants were like for quite some time, and since I have recently taken an intrest into exploring the different places of the mind, I decided I would try one.

    -I finally decided to try dramamine. (400 mg's, not a huge dose but I definatly felt it)

    -I didn't flip out or do anything crazy, had a good high (and a good body high, which is strange due to what ive read)
  2. Wow out of the 23746324 trip reports i've read about dramamine I think out of all those people like 2 said they enjoyed it. I've never had to urge to do it
  3. Yeah I know, thats what I find strange.. especially since i'm not experianced in deliriants or psychedellics.
    And it wasn't so much an urge to do it, more a constant curiosity that eventually drove me to try it. Although, I suppose you could call that an urge :p
  4. loosounded like you hade fun bro. congrats. looking back ive had some pretty cool experiences with dramamine. i just hate the way it made my body feel. which is prob why ill never do it again. did u ever look at the clock? last time i tripped everytime i looked at it it was 3:18 lol. i just laughed. i think the coolest thing i saw on dramamine was i had a blank skate deck leaning on my wall and it started just smearing against the wall and by yhe time iwas done it was like halfway across my wall lol.

  5. Haha, I looked at the clock a few times but it would never give me a straight answer:p
    I tried to read some intresting articles on lsd, but I couldn't see the letters properly.
    I find it strange I had a good body high though :confused:
  6. I've messed around with it but never got any visuals. Just felt REALLY tired and heavy, like i was made of lead. I've noticed caffeine really boosts the effects for me.
  7. Cliff-notes, lulz...

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