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Well I am Back!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Golem-146, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. Well I havent been posting ( i know its bad ) its just that I've been really busy with school and other random tasks of being a human being.

    So what have you guys been up to since Ive left? Tell me! I see that there is now a seedshop on GC. Thats really great! OVERGROW THE WORLD!!!! Well tell me what youve been up to!

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  2. welcome back.... succa....;)

    im sure you have lots -o- readin to catch up on... good luck...:D

  3. Welcome back man :) Yeh,... i'd tell ya what i've been up to but im sure u have no clue who i am lol... how long u been goen for?
  4. i love that ninja dude

    (your cool too lol :p)
  5. well, thanks everyone... i would type more but iam so tired.. alright tell me more!

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  6. welcome home [​IMG]

  7. whoaaaaa... i forgot?? wich big booty'd girl are you golem... im always gettin things confused...:D
  8. Well here I am at 3:26 A.M. and coming down from a really good stone, sippin' on some Amber Bock (Michelob). Yeah man, just chillin it out. Sucks though because some people came over but there pasted out... Oh well who else is up with me! Can I get an HELL YEAH!
  9. haha here I am at about the same time ( 3:20 am ) ..

    yeah i am sippin' on some brew... pretty stoned from some nice KB... word I'am sad that people didnt say anything!!! alright goodnite everyone'!!!
  10. Guess who?

    Well Iam back and stoned as ever. Well its about 11:20 am and Iam about to goto sleep. Looks like no one is stalking my thread...

    * puts out a phat blunt * ( catches stoners and random people)

    Well goodnight!!!! See ya later!!

  11. blah its 2:47 where the f' are ya??? :D

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