well...how do you decide it is worth it to grow?

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  1. I have seen some great pics of some plants but….I was enjoying a good high last night and I started wondering at which point do you stop and consider growing for personal use? For example, how much would you need to smoke to decide that it is cheaper to start growing your own? What are other factors involved?
  2. Do it to fight the man,If you smoke it then u might as well grow it gets addictive,or my case career
  3. I am assuming you mean growing gets addictive...

    And yes we are all fighting the system...since there is a war on drugs (marijuana) then we're winning it!
  4. It's worth it at any level of use, really. Just scale your grow appropriately. If you only use like an eighth a month, just grow a tiny plant under a couple CFLs. It'll keep you stocked, and be cheaper and better than anything you could buy. My first grow paid for itself easily, and I didn't even do that good of a job.
  5. True, growing is so fucking addictive.

    I starting growing for personal use when I first started smoking. I didn't have a dealer and realised how expensive and crap the weed here is. Maybe I wouldn't have started if I had a steady dealer. But once you start you realise how easy and cheap it can be to harvest a couple ounces every few months.

    You need to weigh up the price, quality, the risk of getting caught/how much shit you'd get into, and your time spent on growing. Also factor in that you'll probably never stop growing....
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    I bought an 1/8th over a month ago and still have a lot left. I'm only a weekend toker and I use a bong. You actually save a lot by using a bong rather than a joint.

    But I've been thinking how good it must feel to try your own herb...hmmm
  7. In ur case I'd order some fem seeds or fem auto flower, and get 75-100 watt hid light ,and gorw two at a time.If u can get it somewhere inconspicuois then u prob wouldn't have to worry bou odor all that much.
  8. I did the same, when I first started smoking. Then when I had a harvest, I could afford to smoke all the time and have done ever since.
    If you can have a nice Oz of homegrown weed in your house, and still make an eighth last a month, I'll give you a high-five.
  9. It's always worth it to grow your own, but if it's taking you a month to smoke an 1/8 you could get away with a very small grow. You could grow from seed everytime and still never run outta supply. That'll save you from the hassle of setting up separate veg and flower areas.

    Just get you some feminized seeds, build yourself a 24"x24"x60" grow cabinet, or section off part of a closet or something. Grow them out one at a time under like 8 CFL bulbs, or a 150w HPS. It'll take a good 5 months to go seed to harvest, but if you get it right you'll have a few ounces every harvest.

  10. Ahh so you are tempted to smoke more. Well I only do it on weekends... so a full ounce will last me over 6 months hahaha

  11. a 75-100W HID light is worthless, and will create massive heat issues. Even the most die hard of experienced HID users recommend no lower than 400W. The efficiency just isn't there at lower watts at all.

    A 100W HPS has 9500 "lumens". The lumens scale ridiculously overrates HPS, too, because it throws mainly yellow light, which human eyes are very sensitive to. Plants are not sensitive to yellow light barely at all.

    2 54W T5s make 10k lumens, and neither spectrum has a big ol yellow spike overrating it, either. And did I mention you don't need a special cooling system? And that you can get pure red/pure blue T5s which have a spectrum comparable to growing LEDs?

    If you believe the lies about fluoros still, check the micro grows forum. By any objective metric, T5s > HID at low wattages. Even CFLs will rival them at low wattages.
  12. Refrigerators make great grow cabs.And it be perfect for ur endeavor.If u only smoke on weekend the u buds should have a fantastic cure.Also if your growin for personal use yields not much a issue as quality so u could grow some longer flowering kickass strains.then a eighth will last ya forever
  13. No i think t5s are great but for a 2 sq.ft. grow he could get 150 watt hid anywhere for alot cheaper than t5s.And MASSIVE heat issue is lil over board.Personally i wouldn't buy anything smaller than 400 myself but not everyone wants a 10,000 watt gow room.
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    No... not really. The prices are pretty comparable when you consider total system cost. And a cheapskate HPS system is going to be worse yet than the Hydrofarm T5 systems which have exceptional reflectors. Cost over time goes to the T5 fixture as well since the bulbs last way longer and can be used until end of life.

    And I can put my fingers on my T5s and leave them there as long as I want. Try that with a 100W HPS.

    edit: and I forgot to mention that the lower heat means you can place the lights 1" from the plants with the T5, which means they get waaay more light than that already inferior HPS hanging a foot away.
  15. I decided to grow when I was in a situation that the only way I was going to smoke was to grow it. It's a super long story involving cops, courts, judges and lawyers. I won and as a bonus, I learned to grow my own stash.
  16. I started growing seriously when I got a gf that smokes as much as I do.

    Her and I burn through about 1/2oz a week. 2 grams a day more or less. So, I did the math and figured out what we were paying per gram, and how many grams we'd need over the course of the year...

    It wound up being close to $5,000 per year and we've been together for almost 3 years.

    So for a few hundred dollars every couple of months I grow almost more than we can smoke, so much more that we need to turn some into hash and baked goods.

    Growing your own takes some planning, and in the beginning it's pricey because you have to buy all the equipment AND weed to smoke to keep you sane. Once it's all set up, and you have 3 or 4 harvests under your belt, things start getting pretty cheap to repeat and you have a backstock of buds to smoke.

    I just wish I'd started at 19 and put like $100 a month into my operation. 8 years later I'd have a $10,000 grow room and a mercedes with all the money I would have saved growing rather than buying.
  17. its an easy decision. at 80 bucks a quarter ounce growing your own becomes a matter of finanical survival. I cant afford 320.00 a month. I can afford the 50- 60 a month it costs me to grow. all things concitered. I have put nearly 2000.00 into my setup. with what i have saved and will save, it wont take long to get it back.
  18. some people are getting a little off topic.

    I'd say, if you smoke once a week or more, it's worth it.

    I know it seems a lil dumb to grow if you only smoke on weekends. But it keeps you from having to go to dealers, which could end up getting you busted.

    It's a lot safer if you grow at home, smoke at home, and never let anyone know what your doing.

    It's not just about saving money, it's a safety issue. It's not like your dealer or friends are going to narc on you, it's more the fact that you have to drive from where you get your bud back to your place.
  19. Very very True..

    Only grow if you Love Buds.. Like another post said.. it gets so addictive that it can turn in to a career, and thats at the point im at currently. I was sooo Happy growing.. like a little vacation in my house ya know? and sense I've stopped. I can't stand it.. I'm going to start again soon hopefully.

    >:) It's over 200x Rewarding in the end.
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    so instead of the 1200 watts of hps with inferior to t5 reflectors in my flowering room ,I should line the walls to get 180,000 lumens of flouro light,since the prices are comparable.and i wouldn't need exhaust or anything. T5 are fine ,but for flowering besides scrog i just dont see comparison.and a 2 bulb 4 footer aint gone fit in micro ;)

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