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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by INDICA, Aug 31, 2001.

  1. high buds
    .just found this new site. i regestered today .i c this site is just startin .so lets see how this wave rides .
    i've been around pot for years .so if i can help in any way let me know .
    the member base is small now but with time that should change
    u build it they will come .(if its built and maintained right )
    anyway keep the rubberside down
    til next time
  2. welcome indica (personally i prefer hybrids though (from my experience the 80-20 sativa favour is best, although bubblegum is THEE best i've smoked, whitewidow (hmm, indica mainly though aint it??) comming in second .)

    new here too indica. I saw the site ages ago when there were only about 10 posts on the entire site, but was at college so didn't register. The way I see it the more "seasoned" u r the better. :) (coming from a guy who's only been toking a few years)

    i agree with amanita totally. Also its about quality of posts too. too many assholes and the whole thing shrinks away to a dark nothing of flames. Grasscity is fresh new, and as such, has only attracted some of the highest (no pun intended) quality of tokers.

    I'd like to raise my bong in toast to GC, but alas i have nothing to fill it. :( may the cherries burn on. :)

    smoke on my friends, and i hope you smoke one for me too as i have none.
  3. woops, just realised upon reading that, that i use the same abreviation for grasscity and ganjacat. ... i meant grasscity in that last post.
  4. welcome to our board. i hope you stay long and learn much.

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