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Well GC...

Discussion in 'General' started by jpena45, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. I just found out i have to take a drug test next week :(
    I cant smoke until then, and that really sucks for me because not only is 4/20 next moday (i have to miss) but Marley fest is this weekend here in Austin. It almost seems to tempting for me.. but i really need this job.
    I've done a lot of research and all i get is, "drink water", "get detox", "take b12", and all these other pills and stuff that i dont really have access to.

    Can anyone suggest what can REALLY work? Based off Personal experience?
    Im 6'4" 185 pounds
    I've smoked roughly a half o in the past 8 days and 2 grams every weekend before that for the past 2 or so months...
    am i screwed or is there something i can do?
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    just drink a shit ton of water throughout the day. Not all at once...water poisoning can kill you.

    also, drink green tea...something I was told right on the forum. I drank the arizona green teas and I guess it worked cause i passed my test and i start pretty soon.
  3. If you can substitute, look into QuickFix.
  4. Try a ketogenic diet. By this, I mean eat no carbs for like now until that period. I mean not a single one. Your liver will start to use your fat to power your brain and body. Be VERY active during that period as well. Work out and sweat. Cranberry juice, niacin, and b12 vitamins can all be picked up at your local pharmacy store.

    I'm not sure about the ketogenic diet at don't take my word for it. You're my test puppy, but I have an inkling it will give you a net advantage somehow. :smoking:
  5. Ok, thanks for the advice.
    I dont think the quickfix is an option, because from what they've told me the test is monitored. But i will most def invest in a lot of Green Tea
  6. Except that cranberry juice is LOADED with sugar, so even a glassful would probably kick him out of ketosis. I'm on a strict keto diet because of my epilepsy and I've always had to use a detox drink before drug tests- ketosis just doesn't flush enough of the fat out fast enough to be a viable method for most people, especially considering it can take some people up to a week to even enter ketosis.
  7. Wow... they're going to watch you piss for a pre-employment test ? Crazy. I'd hate to see their policies AFTER you get the job. Must be a pretty good one if you're willing to go through all that.

    I quit smoking, and didn't smoke for 8 months last year because of my job. Shit sucked.
  8. We were planning on going to the festival, have not missed one since college but it's a Monday so no dice Love Austin BTW
  9. just workout a ton and sweat a TON.....guaranteed it'll be out quite soon...........and DRINK WATER......yes........drink water
  10. Lmfao at cranberry juice.

    Forgot what I was saying. Thanks for that.


    My dad is epileptic too, but too stupid to try the diet.
  11. the fest is on saturday and sunday (18th and 19th) this year because im sure hardly anyone would go if it was actually on 4/20 this year.

    and im gunna run (more like jog) 1/2 a mile every morning till the test, drink water, i probably can get the b12 pills. Will organic cranberry juice have any sugar (other than natural sugar)?

    and dont think their actually gunna watch me piss, but they said someone will be in the room with me? I probably already fucked it up by asking to many questions about the drug test lol.
  12. Go to a headshop and get that 4/20 drink that clears your system out. My friend smoke a blunt with me the day before he was going to basic training, and he passed his government drug test so that shit does work.

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