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  1. Ok, so I've fallen on some really bad times. School's fucked me over, I'm drowning in legal fees, and on thursday I wrecked my just-fixed 1989 Mustang GT Convertible 5.0 stick shift. I fucking hate my life right now. It's fixable, but I honestly don't have the means to fix it now. So it breaks my heart to say that I'm gonna need to sell it and use whatever cash I can scrounge for a replacement.

    This is where the city comes in. I need some suggestions for cars to check out. I've been thinking about something along the lines of a 96 Eclipse hatchback. I need something that's good on gas (which isn't hard compared to a V8), and somewhat sporty. I'd really like to have something that I could turn into a rolling beat box, with some subs and high end speakers in it eventuallly. Maybe something along the lines of a VW Golf. Anyways, feel free to make suggestions, it'd be really appreciated. Oh yeah, I'm looking for something under or around $2000, that's all I can really afford...
  2. I can't do anything with $2,000, how do you manage to put a system in your car if your car cost $2,000 itself?
  3. For 2 grand i would go with an Integra or something along those lines. It would definitely stay away from Mitsubishi and VW. My friends have had really bad experiences with both. Ive seen first hand the money you could pour into each because of replacement parts.
  4. I've already got most of my system established. I've got Infinity Kappa series 6.5's for the doors, some Kicker KS series 5x7's, 2 12" Kicker CompVR's in a ported box, with a Diesel Audio 1,000 watt amp. The only thing I'd need to buy for a new car is a head unit.
  5. Yeah, I was definitely looking at some integras around here, either that or possibly an accord. Idk, I'm just really fucked up in the head when it comes to cars right now. My mustang was my baby :(
  6. idk man, I would look on craigslist and do a search an see what in your area is in your price range until somethin catches your eye. I saw towncars, blazers, broncos, a few subarus. Somethin will fit, just has to be transportation for awhile until your mustang is fixed at least.

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