well fuck.

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  1. went to get my bong out last night, and found a posty note on it saying "nice andrew, from dad".

    he said somthing to me before i went to bed saying i need to think of an exit strategy, meaning a new place to live at. but he also siad he wants all my shit in there gone by the time he gets home form work, and i did clean it all out, so maybe i can stay here but its hella gay. im kinda scared, i dont wanna have to go thru this process AGAIN.

    its not even fucking weed, its legal herb blends you buy online so like wtf idk... im kinda nervous all day, hes gets home around 3 usually, and i got work at 4 so there might no be much time to talk.. but im nervous.

    he hasnt told my mom yet, he said he first found in 2 days ago so idk what hes thinkin if hes gonna tell or not... advice?
  2. Legal herbs. HAHA are you kidding me?

    You should just smoke fucking pot if you got caught with a bong already.
  3. well im not trying to get kicked out.. lol, and im usually stealth mode with this legal stuff. just dont get caught with it, and i cant be tested for it. atleast until i go to the dorms.. but i wanted to try it on a bong one day, and i left it in the stupidest place and i feel fucking RETARTED cuz i only used it for oe rip

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