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  1. Ok, so a few years ago...me and my step sister fooled around. And we never talked about it again, or acted weird or anything.

    So friday, i was like wtf? shes grown up more, and looks even better. So why not? And for the past few weeks, i have been trying to get her to come over, when i'm alone at the house.

    So friday...i tell her come over....she does, but right before i get there, my mom pulls up....so i meet her, we have no where to go, and just walk into a random house being built, full electricity and everything.

    So after a few hours of flirting and just chillin....she says that she wouldnt mind doing it again.

    So i'm like game...set...match.

    that night, i crash because i'm extremely tired.
    Next morning i got to be at work at 10 am.

    I get off around 5 pm. Go home, and my dad tells me to sit down up stairs. Then my mom comes, my dad, my step mom, and my step sister.

    Turns out...she told her friend we were about to fuck/mess around what ever, and her friend tells my dad.

    So we had a looong ass bullshit ass talk, about me trying to fuck my "sister"

    weekend sucked.
  2. dude thats fucking sick, you literally tried to fuck your sister?? step sisters are still sisters bro...you southerners and your incest disgust me.

  3. quoted for truth
  4. Actually...its not incest.

    shes not related to me, and i met her before her mom and my dad got together.
  5. dude whatever, you tried to fuck someone that is legally related to you. your fucked up if you think thats O.K. grow up sicko, get some legit pussy and see how that feels...
  6. i fuck my sister all the time... its cool

    not really thats fuckin sick
  7. Idc how sick it is, what did your parents say to you???
  8. What ever.
    Just letting you know.
  9. It was really akward.
    My dad was like...i didnt think i would ver have to say this, but dont try to fuck your sister.
    he was really chill about it, just said he understands how were not really related...just dont do it.
  10. It's not technically wrong, but it's still wrong dude.. :p
    fuck i know i wouldn't even think about my stepsister that way.
  11. Damn. Awkward. :hide: :bolt:
  12. I'd bang my stepsister if there was no blood relation.

    Why are you fags tripping out so much?
  13. Oh.
    it was beyond akward.
    I was just looking at my dad, trying not to laugh out of embarassment.
    But when i told some of my good friends, i found it oddly hilarious.

    One of my friends actually had sex with his 3rd cousin, which is blood relation. lol
    also, let it be known, i am in no way, shape or form a redneck, country bumpkin, or any other phrases you have for people down south, neither is he.

    but We now have formed the U.F.F

    United Family Fuckers.
  14. That'd suck if he preganted her.
  15. well shes not blood related to you and you met her before your parents got married. This is the only exception to sisterfucking.
  16. Wellll I think it depends what kind of relationship you have. If you act like she's a sister, then it would be fucked up. But if not, it doesn't matter, because she's NOT a sister.

    Well really family ties are mostly mental... aside from how you can make little 5 headed abominations with real family... but if you where not raised as close family, or for whatever reason saw her as a friend or anything other than a sister, I can't see anything wrong with it.

    I think if I had a hot step sister with no blood ties, I'd go for it....
  17. Word.
  18. Hey, you aren't blood related. It's just sex. Everyone needs to chill out. :rolleyes:

    I think it WOULD be weird if you knocked her up though.
  19. I find it morally fucked up, but not in the literal sense.

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