well. fuck pre-employment discrimination testing.

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  1. And how do they know that the 28 hrs you are working you are not going to be high? Any drug that would pop would be fired. Sure if you would have passed the piss test youd prob work 100% fine but you didnt. And thats a requirement for them not discrimation. Its you failing the piss test whem a requirement to get employed there is drug free piss. Sadly weed counts as a drug

  2. by lumping people who smoke weed in with crack heads, its bullshit. they also dont give a shit if people go home and get shit faced after work which could actually effect your on the job performance (hangovers).

    companies also exist outside of the US where everyone is baffled that we take pre-employment tests here...
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    how do they know people arent coming into work drunk or drinking on the job?

    its still discrimination... whether its a requirement or not... they dont have to drug test, they choose too. hell my manager smoked cigs and he was taking breaks every 30 minutes to smoke while i was constantly working... yet his production hindering on the job drug usage (tobacco is a drug) is fine while my off the clock non-production hindering drug use is an issue.

    its discrimination and hypocritical. hell they have office parties where people get drunk...
  4. I just passed my test yesterday for my new job but I hasn't smoked in a month.

    You can totally find another gig that will pay 10-11 an hour. It might take some time but you can.

    It is totally about the liability as someone stated previously, I promise most employers wouldn't give two shits if someone went home every night and blazed. They have to cover their own asses in case something happened.

  5. Again, it doesn't matter what stance you have on weed. Because it's not up to you. It's up to the ones in the juror box.

    This is kind of a moot point. Most other countries don't have the whacked out legal system we do.
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    And you don't HAVE to work there. You choose to.

    It goes both ways ya know...
  7. Its liable man they dont know that but they cant piss test you once. And anyone who has drugs or alchol doesnt get the job. You had 5 days ample time to get clean piss. It isnt nothing against you if you really think its discrimination go see a lawyer and watch them laugh in your face. Get clean piss next time.

  8. its a legal form of discrimination... and 5 days is not ample time after months of daily smoking... especially when you are overweight since thc stores in fat cells.
  9. Shoulda grabbed the wizzinator. If that fails you can always just smack them upside the head with it.

  10. honestly i didnt really have a choice with this one since i got it through family. im not against drug testing with reasonable suspicion but pre-employment is discrimination...

    they are throwing out a good employee for something that has nothing at all to do with their on the job performance.
  11. You can think that if you want how is legal if weed isn't legal on a federal level ? Its you just failing for having a ILLEGIAL DRUG in your piss

  12. i had some quick fix but i bought it 8 months ago and i heard a lot of stories of people failing because it comes up as synthetic so i decided against it. i probably would've passed if the testing place wasnt so busy making me sit there with a full bladder for a long time.

  13. you misread what i said. pre-employment testing a form of legal discrimination.
  14. Right. But as long as no one physically forced you to sign an employment agreement with them, it's legal in the eyes of the law. As are any consequences that come about via breaking that agreement.

    I agree wholeheartedly. I really do. It's a sucky situation no doubt. But luck favors the prepared; just be ready for the next time this happens.

    Yah, I wouldn't trust anything synthetic. If the creatine levels present in the urine are even a little bit off, you're screwed.
  15. Sorry to hear man. Keep an ear to the streets, and run it by friends and family. Job will come up. Hopefully u can get unemployment in the mean while.
  16. Try to dilute better next time or yeah wizzonater ive nevet failed a test but I know its not discrimnation in any sort...
  17. and here's the kicker. if i had a bunch of meds that i was prescribed in my system that made me unable to work well the lab would'nt have reported it because i had scripts for it. this is why i say its bullshit, discrimination, and hypocritical.

  18. how is it not? they are firing or not hiring people based solely on their personal lives. i did my job well and as long as i did my job well it shouldnt fucking matter what i do at home after work.
  19. How do they know you are doing it at home from piss ? So its not personal lives only. Its there rules and regulations for there company and if haveing clean piss is one you failed to do that hence your firing

  20. well piss testing is fucking bullshit because it detects shit from 30 days ago. mouth swab tests are much more appropriate since they only detect 3-5 days back. while that still doesnt show whether or not you were high on the job its better than getting fucked for smoking at all in the last month...

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