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well. fuck pre-employment discrimination testing.

Discussion in 'General' started by BlazeLE, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. just lost my job because the piss test. what i do at home should be none of their damn business, especially when almost everyone who works for this company goes home and drinks... it was a good job that paid $11 an hour. there is no way in hell im going to be able to get another job that pays that well with no experience... its fucking bullshit.

    and if you're going to say its my own fault for not not smoking the job landed on my lap and i had 5 days to get clean after months of daily smoking. i did the best i could in that short amount of time.
  2. You can do better.
  3. Almost happened to me. I just left before they could do it.
    Sucks man.
  4. As much as I'd love to agree with you on this, they are completely in the right to do so. It's all about liability these days. I'm fairly certain they really don't give two fucks about someone lighting up every now and then. They just want to be in the right, legally speaking, if things ever went to shit.

    Sucks, but weed isn't the only substance out there. It's the same old story, panned out over and over and over again; the ones who can't handle their shit ruin it for the rest of us...
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    Sucks bro :/ I know how you feel, I got a piss test coming up too. Thankfully I had more of a warning, though.

    Such an outdated way of testing for this shit... There's really no reason for this kind of testing unless you're smoking on the job, which those of us with brains wouldn't be caught dead doing, and for that all you need is a blood test since urine doesn't actually tell anyone whether or not you're currently intoxicated.

    Use on the weekends/after hours should have no bearing on your employment status. Just like drinking, imo - if I'm supposed to be working I'm not going to risk my job by showing up inebriated.

    Unfortunately until then we'll just have to keep finding ways around it.. did you consider using a clean sample of somebody else's urine? If I get a positive again on my last home test tomorrow I'm going to be pretty desperate, since the actual test is coming up this weekend, and I've been thinking of trying this. Problem is I'm taking it in an actual hospital, so I dunno how much I'll be able to get away with, haha.

    This makes no sense... They can't tell whether you were ever on drugs whilst working from a urine test, and they can from blood testing.

    If something happens on the job because of you, most places blood test you immediately after to see whether you were intoxicated so that they don't take the fall for it. THC will show up in this if used in the last few hours, which is about as long as a high lasts. This is a lot more logical than periodic urine testing, which can show THC for weeks after the fact.

    I would understand if they urine tested you for other harsher substances that don't show up in the blood as long or are serious offenses and disregarded positive THC results as they would most positive alchohol results (unless you're on probation) that could be from a long while before, but they don't.

    With legalization, it will come. We just have to be patient. :]

  6. I try to put myself in the companies position. If an accident happens and they test, and you come up positive, they are liable. Doesn't matter if you were sober for 3 weeks before the accident, in a court of law, they can be liable for large sums of money.

    It makes much more sense, from a business standpoint, to eliminate the risk of that happening at all by paying a couple cents per applicant to get them tested. That way they can at least wipe their hands of any responsibility should something happen.
  7. I have a friend who literally drives to and from work drunk (he's drunk constantly so his driving doesn't seem to be affected). He gets paid like $25-$30 an hour but absolutely hates his job, hence his constant drinking.

    Never had to deal with a piss test though, hospitality jobs tend to not have piss tests, or they at least have HEAPS of people who know how to slip under the radar, since they're all on something. That or search your circle of stoner friends and go work with one of them.
  8. well i passed a home test (standard cut off) the day before the lab test using dilution. i also took creatine supplements so my creatine levels wouldnt show dilution and vitamin b2 to color my piss.

    that doesnt change the fact that its still discrimination. and i could understand if i tested positive for unmentionables but i dont even drink... and this job is so fucking easy i could absolutely do it stoned, i wouldnt but i could.
  9. Haha you liar

  10. um... if i test positive after an accident they arent liable... which is why i dont understand drug testing, if someone tests positive after an accident the company is off the hook...

    i understand wanting to minimize accidents but my job was putting linens into bags and sorting dirty linens/towels. hell the only piece of "machinery" in the whole warehouse is the fridge...
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    How is it discrimination? Are they only testing black people or something?

    If it's a private business they can do whatever they want. When you get hired on, YOU sign an agreement with THEM. If they don't want you doing drugs while working, even when your off the clock, it's within their rights to do so.

    Sorry, just the way it is.

    How are they not liable? It's the companies responsibility to maintain a safe work area for everyone. Letting people come into work under the effects of a controlled substance is the very opposite of that. Hence, the liability.

    Proving you weren't inebriated at that exact moment can be incredibly hard to do. And proving it and winning still doesn't help the company recoup any lawyer/court fees, which can become astronomically high in a hurry. It's a lose-lose for them.

  12. i didnt say i wouldnt do it high, just not stoned. :cool:

  13. its discrimination because they fired me for something that has nothing to do with my on the job performance... and i know i was better than the people im replacing, i could tell because my manager was upset to let me go...
  14. Sorry to hear bro. Never forget, closed doors give way to open ones. This might be an opportunity in disguise.
  15. this job was the opportunity though. i have a bad work history and i only got this job because my step mom works for the same company. i have no experience and was making the same money working 28 hours a week as i would full time at minimum wage... i didnt have a job for a year till this one.
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    Again, put yourself in their shoes. You are probably right that the herb didn't affect you in any negative way. But in a possible court scenario, they won't be trying to convince you or themselves, they will be trying to convince a panel or jurors.

    A panel which might not hold the same position about herb as you do.

    This...isn't true. I've been injured on the job before, twice, and never had to get pricked. A simple urine test was all that was administered.

    EDIT: Remember, when you are dealing with liability, common sense goes out the window. Say you were involved in a bad accident, got pricked, and showed the herb in your system, but it wasn't active at the time. That's great, but it means nothing. Because then the case is made that while you were not currently inebriated, you were 'coming down' or were somehow adversely affected by the after effects.

    And, again, even if it seems a stretch, it won't stop someone from trying, and court costs and lawyer fees are still there, win or lose.
  17. Its not discrimination. They'd fire any color/race if they had came up for pot. The company is liable and they dont know when or when not you are going to come in high. And you have a machine/s there so if anything happned and you were high/stoned they are fucked. Ans they prob dont want someone stoned working for them? They are paying YOU to work for THEM. So follow there rules
  18. Gotta make moves my friend. Maybe construction work? Craigslist?
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    there are more kinds of discrimination than race dude...

    and the only machine there is the employee fridge, you know the thing you put food in... and being a stoner i know how to work that better than most people so im pretty sure i wouldnt run into any problems with it.

    and i have no problem following their rules when im being paid, however they only pay me 28 hours out of the week, the rest of the time is none of their fucking business.

    and for this job it has nothing to do with liability since there is no way in hell i could hurt myself on this job... they test purely for the tax breaks of being a "drug free work place." they dont do random testing and most of the people who work for the company smoke...
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    Just want to put it out there that I agree with you mayng. It sucks, I get it.

    But don't blame the companies. Companies exist for one reason and one reason only, and that's to profit. They are just playing a numbers game. If it costs a couple cents per head to potentially avoid even ONE case from going to trial, then it's a worthwhile investment on their part.

    It isn't some wicked scheme to rob you of your rights or anything, it's them trying to be profitable.

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