Well finally got my lazy ass a job

Discussion in 'General' started by davida0829, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Loving it night shift ups worker just thought I'd share hard work but loving it

    Also seems a lot of peeps r mailing weed lmfao I'll go into some of the trailers an smell some hella potent buds

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  2. Package handler?
  3. Yessir

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  4. Hows the money? was it a stringent security check to get the job? sounds like fun
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    money isn't bad at all $10 an hour (hard work though) esp this time of year. Naw not at all. I straight told them I was on probation for MIP of alcohol (was under 21 when busted) and possession of a controlled substance (2 misdemeanors) n they still hired me. 90 day probationary period this time of year though instead of 30 (that way if your not doing your job right they can can you at the end of the holidays) but I'm almost positive a ups location will hire this time of year. My hub is wanting 60 more peeps by Nov. Even a 450 hire on bonus AND if you get your friends to come on you will be entered to win $750 before Xmas. (That's just my hub as far as I know though)

    If you need a job defiantly a good place to start to look

    As far as fun yea it can be lol it can also be a HORRIBLE FUCKING BITCH at times sore as fuck scanning 400-500 packages a night loading them properly etc

    If you like leg day at the gym you will like it

    Also its pretty fun because I work the night shift most the peeps there cuss like sailors (can pretty much be yourself)

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  6. Sounds like your coworkers smoke hella potent buds, and your boss hired you because he thought you'd fit in nicely with the group (drug charges make it known you smoke weed)
  7. Congratulations pal. I worked the night shift for a delivery service for a time. Bitch of a job, but definitely some of my best fun-at-work memories came out of the back of that lorry. Good luck with it.
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    Wouldn't doubt it they where talking about fungi of sorts last night on smoke break even the older dudes haha. Idk

    def a bitch of a job but honestly some of the most fun I've ever had working as well

    An thanks :)

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