Well F me it happened again

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  1. This time instead of a carbon filter a light fell on my plant. Obviously it was on my fastest growing, most favorite plant. My Sour Diesel got smashed by my light. The main stem snapped and a few other braches broke. I tapped them up as best a possible. I checked her this morning and all the leaves look fine except the leaves on the very top of the main stem have drooped over and look very wilted, almost dead. Any suggestions? This sucks:(
  2. Your light super cropped ir plant.for you

  3. Dude, make sure that you secure your carbon filters and lights with anchor bolts or something to keep them from falling on your plants.
  4. I had this happen twice and then built a frame out of 1 1/2" PVC pipe to hold everything. No more issues....

  5. Is that a good thing? It looks pretty sad right now:confused:

    The carbon filter wont ever fall again. Neither will my light. Guess I missed the stud in the ceiling in the closet and it just worked its was out. Good thing it was an LED and I was right there when it happened. I seriously wanted to cry. Oh well live and learn. Just wish it wasn't on my fav plant
  6. Im sorry but OWNED
  7. Sorry to hear man. Ya I would monster crop it or clone it into a bunch of them. I feel bad you were commenting me about my grow and I stumble upon yours and bad news. Sry man. Best of luck. I'm subbed to see how she turns out. I would give you a clone of my big girl if I could lol

  8. It's unfortunate but it happens. I'll definitely clone it if it pulls out of it. Just don't want to stress it out further right now. Any suggestions on what to do or just tape it up and pray? Wonder if I should give it some nutes?
  9. Ya tape the shit out of it lol seriously tho do it. Ahaha ya nutes won't hurt at all and maybe ever something to help stabilize it to keep it from swaying any.
  10. You can use anything except duct tape idk the chemicals in duct tape is bad for plants. But take two sticks, and tape them closely to the plant so it stays upwards :)

    It's weed.....if you take care of the problem it'll survive :)
  11. I use duct tape all the time lol :0 now I know it's bad I won't but I use it when I super crop if I get a little carried away

  12. Prevent problems before they happen and you wont have any. Do you think now that it was a good idea to put anything but your light above your plants? Dont learn things the hard way and put some thought into things before you do them. but if they wherent in flower yet then your lucky because now you will have more tops which is better anyways
  13. Positive feed back is what we are here for man not criticism. Obviously he knows now. His light fell this time which means he learned the first time by moving his filter. Give help not hate man. Support is what it needed and He won't have more tops as it wasn't chopped in half or anything it just got smashed. Still attached. Meaning it will grow fast after it heals nothing more. Put some thought into your advise and help. He basically super cropped it with his light.

  14. I wasnt trying to give negative feedback. In my head it didnt sound negative but when your reading text everyone has there own little voice of how something sounds. If you took it bad im sorry.
  15. Maybe I did too sry.
  16. yea, you should get a smoke detector and put somewhere in the vicinity. like you were saying, if it had been your hps, you might be in trouble about now.
  17. I never put tape on my plants. Good to see it's okay to do. I always splinted mine with twine or pipe cleaners, or just a stake in the soil and tie the top up to it.
  18. Ya man I use duct tape and it supports it great with just a little wrap. He brought a good point though that it might be toxic so idk.

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