well, didnt think this would ever happen.

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  1. it seems that after 20 years of marriage, my parents are deciding to get a divorce. this hit me like a fucking ton of bricks. we were all supposed to be moving to Arkansas this summer because of my dad's job. we were all excited about it, mom was looking up houses for sale online and everything...and apparently at their marriage counseling session my dad brought up divorce, and that he thinks maybe my mom should go live with her mom in North Carolina instead of coming with us to Arkansas. i dont know if my mom was expecting this or not, but i dont think she was expecting him to bring up divorce because like i said she'd been looking up houses for rent for us for awhile...i do know however that theyve been having problems for awhile. my mom told me a few months ago tey were seeing a marriage counselor. but i didnt know it was this "severe"...

    my mom said that my dad said that he hasn't been happy in 8 years. idk. i cant believe this. i grew up with my parents always [seeming] happy, good childhood...maybe it was my fault. i was a really bad teenager, got arrested twice because of drugs, fucking up in high school, never listening to them, maybe i stressed them out too much. they say that nothing is carved in stone yet and that they are talking, and not to give up hope on them...so i'm not. but its really hard, ever since my dad brought it up thus morining its been all thats on my mind.

    when i came back home today also my mom had dinner ready for my dad and i, but i was an hour late and apparently my dad was at the neighbor's house seeing if they liked the song he wrote. i heard him say to my mom sorry for taking so long...but she seemed pretty peeved. had that look on her face...

    ugh. someone wish me luck or something. [​IMG]

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  2. Man i hope everything turns out ok, just chill.

    I found out my parents were divorced when i was 14. They still lived together tho. But not married.
  3. it's weird at first but you'll adjust. Just don't fight it. Worry about your own life and try not to focus on what's going on. It's easier said then done, but find the little things that keep you calm and make you happy. It sounds like yourlive with you parents so you'll get a lot more freedom, privacy and boundries with them being divorced. It'sucks, but it's happening. Just focus on you and tough it out, and you'll be fine.

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