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  1. ok so i just found this link on these forums www.e-conolight.com

    and im finding a 400 watt mh http://www.e-conolight.com/Product/EProductDetail.asp?ProductFamilyID=8&FGNumber=E-HB3M40Q for 60 bucks?

    btw what is PSMH? new generation in lighting?

    i saw something on ebay i thought was a scam, said it was a pressure sodium metal halide in the same bulb, thats what im thinking

    150 watt hps for 40 bucks???


    somone please tell me if these lights would be suitable for growing because i am ordering all my grow stuff to a different address then the one im growing at and i need to know asap, thanks
  2. Psmh means pulse start metal halide which has a faster start up and restrike than regular metal halide. I'm not a grower I work for a lighting contractor. HPS is totally different than psmh. HPS gives off on orange appearance like street lights where metal halide is a white light. For your purposes you probably wouldn't benefit too much with using the pulse start metal halide rather than the regular metal halide.
  3. There is one thing that bothers me about your second link where it says:

    Note: This item may not meet the current NEC codes as detailed in articles 410.73(F) and 410.4(E). Click here for more information

    Here is what you get when you click where it says "click here"

    Article 410.73 (F) (5) requires luminaires that use MH lamps to have either a containment barrier (lens) or an ANSI type O-rated lamp and socket. This does not apply to open luminaires with thick glass such as PAR lamps. In the past 400 watt MH S-rated lamps were allowed to be installed without a containment barrier or shrouded arc tube. Under the 2005 NEC code this will no longer be allowed.

    Since not all states will immediately adopt the 2005 NEC, e-conolight will continue to offer products with S-rated lamps. Existing installations that use S-rated lamps will continue to be allowed, even in municipalities that adopt the 2005 NEC code.

    Article 410.4 (E) states that MV or MH luminaires in playing or spectator areas of indoor sports, mixed use and all-purpose facilities, which are subject to physical damage, must be a type that protect the lamp with a glass or plastic lens. Some e-conolight fixtures are available with enclosures to meet this requirement.

    If you have questions about the requirements for your area, contact your local inspector. When you know what your needs are, contact us. Our Customer Service Representatives will assist you in selecting the product that best fits your project.

    This means to me that this lamp may not be safe to use.
  4. maybe I misunderstood, by I think it was just saying that, if used, you had to put some sort of containment barrier around it to protect it. Looks like it comes with a cage around it.

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