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Discussion in 'General' started by plumface_2002, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. i just drank a bottle of cough syrup about 10 min ago... its all downhill from here :)

    man i love dxm. man i hate drinking cough syrup :(
    however, it was either that or core, and i like not dying... so...
  2. how was it?

    always wanted to try DXM, although i think ill probably try it when ive got a free house or something.
  3. argg, im posting this the morning after, didn't feel like going to school :). However, gulping cough syrup was really sick, it didn't rest too good in my stomach. And i only had like 200-220 mg of dxm, so i really didn't even get that fucked up. I highly reccomend NOT trying it. If you wanna try it, buy (or the ever popular 5 finger discount) of robotussin max strength COUGH, and use the extraction method listed in the DXM faq. Although in the faq they do not go on to say that you can leave the liquid you were left with out side and let it evaporate into a poweder. Put this powder inside of a gel cap, or mix it with some pixie sticks or something and have some fun :). Also a quicker way to get it to evaporate would be to leave it in a pan, with a fan blowing on it. Don't try to heat it on the stove to a powder, it will burn.
  4. or if you dont want to go through all the extraction process, just get a bottle of tussin gel caps. they sell it at safeway ect. 15 mg dxm per pill, its th only active ingrediant, 20 pills per bottle. you get about 300 mg of dxm per bottle.
  5. i do the same as the dude above me, take 1 bottle and ull b crunk, 2 is what i usually do and 3 fucks u up hardcore
  6. yea, some people though have harsh reactons to taking in that much shit though... also im curious what would happen if you ripped the powder... if anyone has let me know

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