Well Blades, it is a sad day....

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Foop, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. After almost 7 years of hard smoking, I finally just broke my first piece. The first piece I ever bought. Triple blown custom bubbler... hammer style with different shaped knobs around the base.... Red, green and yellow swirls running along it but still mostly clear glass.... and the most GIANT bowl you could ever imagine on the thing....

    I am so bumming (and sorry, but my camera has been dead for months so no pictures.

    I even remember going to buy it. Was an emotional moment. I walked into the store and I immediately fell in love with it. Made a beeline right towards it and next thing I knew I was walking out with it in hand.

    I called her Vera.

    We went everywhere together for the past 2-3 years (was a joint smoker for my first 4). I took her on long walks and bike rides, messages her daily and made sure she was prim and proper the whole day through.

    She finally met her match today when my cat decided to start pawing at it and it fell 6 feet on to a concrete floor.

    My heart sank when I heard the commotion from upstairs. I was devastated.

    I've already started crafting a small viking boat out of hay and cardboard. and I plan on going up to the lake tomorrow to give her a warriors send off.

    So tonight, for me Blades, will you raise a glass in honor of Vera and sing her praises? She was a warrior, and may the memory of her live on.
  2. sorry to hear that man. she sounded like a good piece.
  3. sad to hear, ive got my first even piece....going on about 6 years now, I made it from bamboo so no fear of it breaking on me!!
  4. 7 years!! thats really good, my first piece was a green chillum, broke it 24 hours after i got it
  5. Yeah its always hard to lose/break your first peice. When I started smoking weed I bought myself a nice glass pipe. It looked like it had flames in it. I lent it to one of my friends and then she never talked to me again after I gave lent it to her. "I just need it for tomorrow and I will bring it back tomorrow". Tomorrow my fucking ass. Its been well over a year now. Sorry about your loss. I like the idea of a boat. What you should do is buy a set of portable speakers for your mp3 player and play the millitary music with the trumpets for the loss of a soldier and then let it go and salute.
  6. Wow dude that really sucks. I just lost my first piece a few weeks ago, I have probably 15 or so but this was my only bong and it was magnificent. I called it the ROD 3 cuz that's what the dude at the smoke shop said everyone there calls it. It had such a nice big chamber and it just ripped! It was my baby, it got special treatment. But unfortunately my friend was drunk and accidentally kicked it over at a party. We sank the remains in lake superior at 4:20 (because that was the ROD 3's favorite time of day). So now i just have to get over the lose and buy a new bong cuz it's really bummin me out not having one. I still have my first piece, it's my favorite, in all the years of piece shopping i've never seen anything i like as much as it. It's this bomb ass chillum that was given to me right after my 2nd time smoking by a freind of my cousins so it's seen pretty much my entire smoking career. The thought of losing it just kills me so i feel your pain man, so i'm going to pack her up nice and full for you foop, you and vera.
  7. She served her well, send her off on a warriors final journey, and pray she finds peace.

    Keep a small piece of her as a momento of the good times you had with her.
  8. Will do, someone stole my first bowl about 2 weeks ago along with my system from my car.
  9. bummer dude :( at least you got 7 good years!

    Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?
    Remember how she said that
    We would meet again
    Some sunny day?
    Vera! Vera!
    What has become of you?
    Does anybody else here
    Feel the way I do?
  10. Foop, I just got a bong today... it needs a name. Will you do the honors of naming it?
  11. Damn man, that sucks....

    The longest piece I've been able to hold onto was 5 years...

    How many pieces did it break into? like, is it fixable at all? I broke my first stemless piece, instead of throwing it out I cleaned it up like new and took it to my local head shop/glass blower. He fixed it right up for me. Just a though, depending on how bad the damage was.
  12. i feel bad for the fuckin cat you probly flushed the furball down the fuckin toileyt
  13. Thats Taps you're thinking of. Taps.
  14. you cant just dump broken glass in a lake someone might cut their foot
  15. wow man.
    i wish i could have bought a nice piece and held onto it for 7 years.
    warrior send off is the only way for a piece that lasted that long man, she was a trooper.

    i tossed my first piece, because i figured it would be evidence in my parents house(3 years ago), i had it like a week. hahaha
  16. Brilliant. Me and my friends smoke at this place we call the altar and we made a grave for my friend's bong that broke. That is a hell of an idea, though.

    RIP Vera
  17. lmao I just about died laughing
  18. RIP loosing a piece always sucks, and when u hear or see it drop your heart just drops. RIP

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