Well at least they admitted it...

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  1. Yesterday my dad got a letter from some organization affiliated with the RNC. Apparently they are a secret society and are using the RNc's power to look into every detail of my dad's background to make sure he is affiliated with the Conservatives and then he will be invited to join their secret society in which all information must remain confidential.

    What trhe fuck?? That freaks me out that these nazis can get all this information (which will include me) without batting an eye.

    At least this confirms for me that there are secret cells of conservatives that watch over us. yaaaaaay

    The last line of the letter: In order to manipulate the fear of others you must first control your own.

    At least they admitted that their entire platform is manipulating our fear.
  2. thats fucking disgusting i would find out where that place is and fuck those people up

    indeed it is a very scary day when people can get all that info on you without your knowledge hah
  3. Update: just from what I've researched, the guy who sent to letter has donated at least 50,000 to the RNC in the past like 2 years. That's alot of fuckin money...
  4. scan a copy of the letter for us.

    also, what is the name of the org? tell me and i can do a little snooping and tell you more about them if you are interested.
  5. we could all do some snooping with google on the net :p

    But yeah, that sounds weird man, damn secret societies, think i'll make one :hello:
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    All they'll say is that they're the a secret organization affiliated with RNC. My scanner is broken, but give me a sec and I'll type it up.

    edit: ok here we go...

    Fuckin weird... my older sister is a staunch liberal and I'm pretty much an outspoken anarchist, so I may not be around in a little bit...
  7. dude,
    if they decide to do a search of your internet history and find all the anarchist sites you looked at with bomb making instructions you might be in some trouble
  8. Haha dont worry I'm not violent like that... common misconception...

    The only thing they'll find is me visiting GC like 228903 times and maybe some hot asiain teens

    I mean....

    Hahaha dan im wasred
  9. you know this is a scam, right? lol
  10. What's a scam? Government? Yes.
  11. no, the letter your dad got.

    first of all, if someone from a secret society was gonna recruit your dad they WOULD NOT send him a letter thru the mail...where it can end up in the "wrong" hands. 2. theyre gonna try to charge him once they "verify" his "alliances". 3. cmon.
  12. heh if he sends 12k $ ima laugh
  13. hw makes a good point. it wouldnt be mush of a secret society if you got a hold of the letter now would it. plus i think they would have you picked up in a black sedan or somethin.
  14. good points. whats your dad going to do?
  15. That sounds pretty sketch to me bro. JOE>
  16. I dunno there's nothing he really can do but wait I guess hah.

    I definitely see how this could be a scam, but I'll have to find out. Like I said before, this guy has given at least 50,000 to the Republicans in the past two years, so that could mean either a) that's all the scam money or b) this guy is the real deal.

    Maybe the invitation to join will be more secretive? haha I dunno all I know is that this letter freaks me out
  17. what's the return address?

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