Well after a long chronic streak...

Discussion in 'General' started by vbrasta, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. I'm going back to mids :p

    Yesterday i copped a quarter of mids for 30, good mids too, and just rolled blunts all day. Im going to get perfect at rolling Ls, and im just really stoked on fat ass L's all day, picking up a zip later tonight i think
  2. wouldn't hurt to take a few day tbreak
  3. quarter of mids for 30... waaaaat. legit hookup.

    i could of only got a quarter of mids for 40 before, but now i can only get dank for 25$ sometimes but usually 30 for half quart.\

    lucky bastardo lol. i payed 60 for quarter of dank dank shit yesterday
  4. Dude, I literally just did the same shit. Pick up 3 quads of mids at 75 just a short week ago...

    I love rolling joints :smoke:
  5. im taking a semi t break till i get my first paycheck..

    gonna be gettin halfs for 55 after i buy like 2 ill get him to go to 50 lol

  6. This is ridiculous haha it sounds like everyone in this thread is doing the same shit that I am hahaha...

    Bad economies call for appreciating the little things... and getting a shit ton of mids is fuckin' epic
  7. id rather buy a half of good mids for 55 then to buy an eigth of reallllly good dank for 70..

    the prices for good bud in delaware are outrageous
  8. 8th of dank here is 60, half od good mids is 50-60.

    I don't like t breaks or need to quit, my tolerance is still low. i smoke a middies blunt and im feelin good, but chronic blunts fuck me up
  9. Man, a quarter of mids here is like 50 bucks. 65-75 for the half. 125-145 for the zip. it's rediculous lol.

    i get it cheaper than that, but i got the hook ups for it lol

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