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Well, a bong question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AncientStoner, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. I have a foot tall or taller bong in my parent garage right now, problem is, it doesn't have a stem, I was thinking that maybe a bic pen can fit in the hole but I'm not sure if it does, what else do you use as stem for a real bong? I'll simply use aluminum foil as a bowl, unhealthy, I know, but I don't really care.
  2. dude just go pay $10 at your headshop and get a glass downstem that works
  3. Yeah man, buy a new stem, you can get Molino one's for $10, RooR ones for $30 it's better than risking your health.
  4. I'm too broke at the moment man, I got 25 buck on me that I'm going to use to buy buds so my friends and I can have a smoke out, going to be big event, 4 blunts, couple bowls of pipe, gravity bong and finally, a bong

  5. yeah what he said.if debating in your head "should i buy a stem with 10 bucks or try to make something out of a pen and a socket and buy more weed?" well when i was like 14 -16 i would have just bought weed ,but getting a good stem is a way better investment,trust me dude. :smoke:
  6. I know it's a good investment but then I wouldn't have enough bud for all of my friends =[
    Beside I rarely will use the bong so I see no reason to buy a stemmed bowl.

  7. Do you really plan out what your gonna smoke.
  8. Nope, some of my friends want blunt, other want pipe, other want gravity bong, it's similar to bong I know but I got another friend that won't smoke anything out but bong >.< Meaning I'll required quite bit of weed to get everyone stoned =D
  9. well if you stop smoking blunts all day long and just took bong loads,you have alot more weed and be alot more higher. PLEASE JUST USE THE BONG!!!! I BEG YOU TOO :bongin::bongin::bongin::bongin::bongin:
  10. Bong is not portable considering it's very big so I just bring blunt and pipe around, Sometime i need to go somehwere and smoke you know? And You never can be sure what's there at the place, Beside, I came here asking for other alternative as stemmed that I can use, something common in a normal household Dx
  11. o yeah xD.well i guess you have to do the whole make something out of a pen and a socket thing. put the foil and all that.and if you got to go portal.pipe is nice,you waste less weed.:smoke:
  12. Use some of your $25 to buy a downstem/bowl. Then get some cash from your friends to pick up enough weed for all of you.
  13. Thank you xD but pen might be too thick >.<

    I owe them weed so I can't exactly make them buy weed for me =D
  14. well then i guess your not using a bong this week.i guess you should buy that downstem the next time you have money.:eek:
  15. Maybe my friend...maybe... if I can't find a stem that fit, I'll make aonther bong. out of 2 liter bottle....or if we all are stupid enough...out of....5 gallons water bottle...we won't able to take the whole hit will mess us up! =D

    Also, one last question, is pool water safe to use for bucket gravity bong? I know it got chlorine in it and probably not safe but we all drank pool water before and we swim in it
  16. i really dont know if it's bad,it shouldn't be's not like your boiling the water then inhaling the water vapers.:smoke:
  17. Yeah, true, and water usually trap chemical in it, by chemical, I mean liquid chemical lol
  18. idk if this is gunna work 4 u but i took a simply orange orange juice bottle cap and melted it around the end of the stem of the bong. Then i melted a socket into the cap. it was basically an oversized pipe
  19. Tell your friends to stop bumming. Get the stem and ask them to chip in 3 or 4 bucks each. If your getting enough for 4 blunts, bowls, gravs and a bong then you should have a few bucks to spare
  20. buy a downstem anyways. 25 isn't enough to buy the amount of weed your plan is going to take anyways.

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