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**Welcome to the Shroom Lab**

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by flex40, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. Well, i was kinda tardy on starting this journal, so please pardon the barrage of pictures at the begining. I have befriended a professional photographer so i can assure you the pictures now and in the future to be beautiful.

    Sit back and relax, and welcome to the shroom Lab

  2. December 21st 2006

    Knocked up 12 0.25pint Jars with Cambodian spores aquired from Sporelab.com (excellent service).

    January 2nd 2007

    Birthed 5 Jars. Dunked in spring water for 12 hrs and then rolled in dry vermiculite. Placed in fruiting chamber.

    January 2nd-6th 2007

    Pressure cooked and innoculated 24 more 0.5 pint jars. 12 Golden Teacher and 12 Tapalia. They are now in incubation.

    January 9th 2007

    Birthed 2 more jars (cambodian) , dunked in spring water and then rolled in dry vermiculite and introduced to fruiting chamber.

    Picture below


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  3. more pictures...


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  4. more pictures...

    Info on Vegitative chamber:

    2 - large blue tubes, 2 lids

    1 - 18'' floro

    1 - 18'' glass plate

    1 - 12watt computer fan on adjustable

    1 - large bag of perlite

    1 - Bubble stick

    1 - Whisper Air pump

    1 - Ultrasonic Fogger

    2 - Digital Timers (lights set 12/12 and fogger 1 min 6 preset times per day - every 4 hrs)

    1 - 100 watt submersible heater - off now for vegitation

    2 - Digital Thermometers - One mounted on Lights, and One inside chamber

    Other Additional Parts

    1 - 5 Quart Pressure cooker

    2 x 12 - 0.5 pint Wide Mouth Jars

    1 x 12 - 0.25 pint Wide Mouth Jars

    1 - Cambodian Shroom 10 cc Spore Syringe

    1 - Golden Teacher Shroom 10 cc Spore Syringe

    1 - Tapalia Shroom 10 cc Spore Syringe

    1 - Aluminum Foil

    2 - Lysol Wipes

    1 - Lysol Spray (never have too much lol)

    1 - N95 mask

    1 - Box of Latex Gloves

    1 - Lighter

    *NOTE* - Going to be constructing second terrarium for vegitation**


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  5. total stealth...


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  6. This is very nice to see, I am planning on growing shrooms one day, but I still have much to learn. Thanks for making the topic.
  7. Good shit.

    Those Golden Teachers are a great strain to study. They sure taught me a lesson!!!
  8. hey roksoc. thanks for stopping by! your grow was certainly an inspiration. Do my cakes look normal so far.. always good to get another Mycologist's input.. also, how long do you think before i see some pins... its been a couple days since they have got real fuzzy and started in the veg. container last thursday.

  9. thanks for reply. i love feedback, so if you stop by leave a one or two liner and let me know what ya think!

    Janurary 10th 2007

    starting to see a couple white points forming out with black/brown tops.. i think we have our first pinning!:eek: :cool: :cool: :hello:

  10. That looks quite easy to grow, easier than marijuana for shure. Is it?
  11. congrats on the pinning u seem to be doing a great job so far.
  12. Thanks! I will try and get some more pictures in the next couple of days. The terrarium was collecting A lot of water. so i constructed a drainage system that seems to be working really well right now. Finally the perlite is doing something more then just bein' quick sand lol

  13. I guess it can certainly be considered easier as there is a marked lack of human input on the grow cycle. You just need different tools (pressure cooker, etc) and the knowledge of how to keep your work area EXCEPTIONALLY sterile which is key in the reduction of contaminated jars..touch wood so far, i have 36 jars on the go and no contaminents:cool: :hello:

  14. I've never done shrooms but due to lack of shrooms up here this summer i was sure looking at lots of kits to grow some, looks like they could be a hell of a profit:hello: GL on your grow!~ Keep us posted and I'll be watching this grow very heavily!~
  15. Thanks for stopping by. Pinning is significant to day, so i will try and get some really nice pictures!!

  16. you could be produceing so much more for so much less work and I would lose the fogger.

    High humidity is yes a pinning trigger, but also so is the top layer of mycelium drying up.

    90-95% humidity is optimal for inferior cakes.
    70-85% 85 being best for caseings and bulk. Some bulk methods 95% is def exeptable if out cased.

    Bird seed + horsepoo =

  17. Hey, nice shroom grow :D....

    Sorry to stray off topic a bit, but how hard is it to do without the ordered spores? IE: collecting spores from a wild mushroom.... As this is all I have access too, Ill have a squiz and try find out what strain grows round here, but its a rare one, thats for sure...

    Good luck with the pinning, hope you get some psilocybin in those babies!!!1
  18. hey, thanks for the input. unfortunatly the only way i have got spores was through mail order and i never had a problem. Look into that, there are a lot of reputable retailers (www.sporelab.com) and remember...its not illegal to buy a spore syringe :)

    I think it would be very dangerous to grow from wild spores, as the risk of getting a poisonous mushroom and growing from it is high..and i wouldnt risk it...

    Unfortunatly, i cant do casting due to space constraint. if i ever do go bulk, i will definitly go with castings, it looks intersting.

    Thanks for the input, Pinning pictures up a little later.

  19. very neat stuff! about how long does it take to go from spore to product?

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