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    Hello all- I live where i am able to grow great medicinal and make money. It is seemingly the perfect grad student job (since it is wicked expensive and the econ oh my the econ ;-( and would love anyones input on if i could tweak(or if i am doing something completely wrong) with my grow.

    Brief overview of grow in progress: Recieved two supposedly "hard to find" clones mid march. Once rooting was evident i immediately transplanted into 3.5 gallon buckets( dont ask- they were free lol) and let them veg for two months. At first all i had was one 1000w MH that was used to veg for the first month and then switched to a 400w blu hortilux bulb. My first clone session was May 20th where i took 15 clippings from one plant. May 25th was my second 15 clone hack. I put the two mothers in to the GrowJo! to flower may 26th 6am. The GrowJo! (sorry its the name of my tent) is comprised of two 1000w hortilux hps one hanging horizontally and one vertically positioned, both cooled, carbon scrubbed and exhausted. Ok here the nutes i use for each process before i walk around the house cussing at myself for misplacing the usb for the cam!!!.

    Veg- Canna's Terra Vega (15ml/gal)
    Advanced's VHO(very high output) foliar supplement( water and vho=350ppm during first week of veg and 600ppm during 2nd and third- discontinued at beginning of 4th week)
    Hygrozyme- throughout cycle (8ml/gal)

    Flower- Canna's Terra Flora (20ml/gal)
    Advanced's Carboload (5ml/gal)
    Advanced's Super Sweet Tea (15ml/gal)
    Advanced's Bud Blood Powder(2gr/gal)
    Hygrozyme (10ml/gal)
    Foliar Spray- its a super dilute mix of the above liquid nutes minus the hygrozyme.
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    oh i am running the two 1000w With nextgen digital ballasts as well. I also have been using a coleman co2 generator during the light hours. temps around 84-88 all day
  3. Just wondering, are you doing this illegally or for actual medical sale purposes? I've been trying to figure out how to become a medical grower/supplier. My friend's dad has his green card but he has to drive miles and miles just to meet with someone. There aren't a lot of distributaries here in my area so I thought it would be a good job.
  4. I still cant find the USB cable- i must not wake and bake and look properly :smoking:

    Hey bud--- I think if you do enough research, ask enough questions, save enough money and get the permits you need to do this all legally then to me its a no brainer. Grow great trees for quality first and monetary supplement second. The best advice i ever received was BE PATIENT( i guess thats why it took me four years to start this grow)

    I am a patient and a caregiver lol. I have permits for both and am striving to grow the best medicine for those in need of high quality cannabis. They say that there is a good shortage of good medicinal buds in my parts and i am a patient man and had been doing and still continue to do research in all aspects of improving technique for higher quality and bigger yields.
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    Lol, I'm really baked but that was a really inspirational speech.

    I really want to do the same thing. I'm going on to my next degree in a year or so and I plan on studying Genetics and plant bio. That way I would learn a lot more about plants, their genetics, and how to breed plants with favorable characteristics. I think a career in growing medical bud would be amazing. I know a few people in my city with medical cards, a few of them close friends, and they have a hard time finding dispensaries that are willing to deliver here. It would be cool if I could make a living by helpin people out and doing something I enjoy so much. I just have to figure out what to do to be licensed and all that. Do you have to be a medical patient to become a dispenser?
  6. In my area you can become a legal grower of marijuana if you are simply listed as the primary caregiver for a patient- a quick and easy way for you to have a no cost for permits if you know someone who has and is willing to list you. ;)

    Hey when your finishing up with that degree let me know- im in school for environmental engineering and hydrology- so we could team up and build a super greenhouse!!!!
  7. aight, I'll have to talk to some of the people I know.
    Really? That's sick, how far into your studies? What school? I'm currently goin to Western Washington University for my bachelors in business marketing. They're working on a few botany courses this year and pretty soon they should have a full blown program.

    Oh, does it matter which state I'm in or will all mmj states allow this?
    I'm in Washington.
  8. Holy Cow! I coul not fin the USB cable for the freakin life of me so i was relegate to purchasing a new one. Ok I hope someone will still comment even though i took an eon getting this threa starte properly. These are pics of my veg set up- pretty simple- just try to keep it clean as possible!

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  9. Here are the pics of the GrowJo!. Remember that these moms where only in veg for two months an have been in Flower since the 26th- these photos were taken a week ago an I will upate with new pics soon.

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  10. That's pretty fuckin sweet.
  11. Should this be my mission statement???? Got bored and and wrote this LOL

    I am a green thumbed brown giant- with skills i possess your success i guarantee, im so reliant. flyin higher than a squadron of durban aces, searchin for turbans and my stash accumulated from exotic places. Im a horticultural tyrant- white, purple, orange, yellow and green colors and smells so vibrant, mystifying mindsets of those who are usually very violent- try it, try mine, dirt play is a way so sublime. Renders time, tangible, audible melodies emerge and submerge all pain , stress and grief..... it is my relief- I am a futuristic farmer- i push the limits of known science to drive them farther, broke the code to shorten the internodes and make them nuggets harder-like if peter parker chose to be a planter of seeds and used spidey sense to sow good deeds yielding buds to cure disease instead of fighting foe and researching arachnid breeds. Just so we are better off- Im your dr. take your medicinals side effect is a is just a slight cough.

    Please do not take seriously- I obviously am no rapper! :D
  12. I hope the plants are on stands if not you may need a larger tent :eek:
  13. picture 3/10 towards the bottom...
    is the an air purifier or fan?
  14. Hi everyone! Bob When these photos were taken the plants were on a 15inch platform- slowly have been lessening the hieghth of the platform to combat strething. It is a concern for me however- these little beasts are growing like they want to take over! I can still salvage a couple of inches by moving the light if need be.

    TypeR- Thats a coleman mosquito attractor- I have tweaked the propane output so I can leave it on during th day without making the temps soar. I also borrowed a shops CO2 PPm meter and when its at the max(keeping temps at >91 im hitting 1000-1100 ppm with it!!!!

    Here are some pics with the buds forming!!! I also since then Have added beneficial nematodes and Mantids.

    Any suggestions? COmments or Imporvements will be honored and thanked!

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  15. What do nematodes and mantids do??
    Again, that's some pretty filth lookin stuff. I wish I could be growing the same amount of plants.
  16. Nematodes are microscopic worms that attack soil dwelling pests and mantids are Preying Mantis which eat whatever bugs gets in its way!:D:D:D
  17. what size grow tent are u using????
  18. Im using a 8x4 Hydro Hut that i had to reduce in hiegth by two inches- I added some "custom" vents for cool air intake as well.
  19. Oh that's whatsup. Fuckin bugs actually ate up the newer sprout I just grew. Thank god the other one is untouched by the menaces.
  20. Sorry to hear about your pest problem- they are a bother!

    New pics coming soon- any opinions on pruning anyone?????????????

    I woul like to make the tops more potenet woul pruning let this happen at this stage?:wave:

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