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    I've been building out a new grow setup this summer using high pressure aero / DWC hybrid under COB LED lighting. All flowering will be done using portable SCROG modules that can be disconnected in seconds and wheeled around like carts. Central res is auto topped up with RO water via float valve. Currently flowering around 15 different strains. Running the COBs at 50W each, 100W total per cart module. Currently 4 weeks into flowering and just discovered a massive infestation of Russet Mites - I was unaware of this new plague until a few days ago when I purchased a low power microscope. I'll be rotating late-flower-safe control methods to help this harvest to completion. For Veg I've completely defoliated all plants and will be hammering the remaining sticks with various systemics until they're completely wiped out before putting anything else into flower. Have also been battling Thrips and Powdery Mildew but those are both very easy to deal with compared to the Russet Mites. Using House and Garden Aqua Flakes and currently pushing 1100-1300ppm.
    _MG_6597.jpg _MG_6600.jpg _MG_6601.jpg _MG_6585.jpg _MG_6466-2000-1200.jpg _MG_6501.jpg _MG_6502.jpg _MG_6503.jpg _MG_6552.jpg
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    This was the old, temporary veg setup/location.
    _MG_6575.jpg _MG_6576.jpg
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    New veg location, before and after defoliation.
    _MG_6593.jpg _MG_6595.jpg
  4. I'm getting back into this hobby and starting fresh after taking a break for a few years. This time around I wanted to build a system that paved the way to easy success by making all normal maintenance chores easy, ergonomic, and automated where possible. It's been a somewhat costly build in terms of effort (mainly the carts) and money (mainly the lights) but all of this is upfront investment that is already paying off well in terms of recurring cost and work.
  5. Some updates... _MG_6622.jpg _MG_6635.jpg _MG_6639.jpg _MG_6644.jpg _MG_6646.jpg
  6. Added some supplemental wiring to more safely spread the load of the lighting and dehumidifier.

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