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Welcome to North Korea [vid]

Discussion in 'General' started by Still Smokin, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Never in my life have I ever seen such mass amounts of people that are completely, and utterly... brain-washed. Its sad. They're all so scared of their gov't; nobody says a damn word about their practices cause of fear of torture/most likely death. Children are taught at a young age that Kim-Il Sung and Kim Jong-Il have supernatural powers and they grow up to be believers of this bullshit and evetually worship it and become brutally brainwashed by the political propagandists. So fuuucckkked up.

  2. The links not working for me.
  3. that was pretty depressing :(
  4. That's pure insanity. Not allowing people to have any contact with any foreigners? I still can't get over that idea.
  5. see i dont understand why iraq and not north korea?
  6. Korea is a shit-hole.

    The smartest young college students are taken to help work on the nuclear weapon development program. They are not given any radiation protection during their work on this project, so they die off or fall gravely ill and have to be replaced.

    The entire country's lights go out at a certain time every night because they can't supply enough electricity.

    I can't believe that there is a place in this world that is still so ass-backwards.
  7. what a mess...
  8. ANOTHER dictatorship of unrelenting cruelty in south-east Asia, which American has no qualms about giving money and support? Who would have guessed!
  9. Sorry, seems interesting and all that, but I'm not watching 53 minutes of this...I'm too high for that, 6 minutes is enough.... I do have to agree that Kim Jong Il is a douchebag though...fuckin' A's man...fuckin' A's...
  10. bump; I hope more people see this that arent aware of it.
  11. Thats crazy, I had no idea that there were still places being run like that.
  12. Watched the whole thing, +rep
  13. Watch the whole thing. Wow i didn't know North K. was so messed up. Shit that is a fucked up place to live.

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