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    I wanted to share my little slice of heaven with the GC community as there's no other community that's taught me more about my love of cultivating cannabis. It's my passion and I'm constantly working to improve, my methods are constantly changing (I can only hope for the better, lol!). My garden is nothing special, I'm always on a budget so everythings a slow upgrade, but I'm working with what I have :). Currently pheno hunting 5 strains all from regular seed..

    Conspiracy Kush (Obama Kush x Spacequeen) from TGA (Aka Corey Kush...this pack was purchased for a friend who fell in love with it on a trip to Cali. Sadly Corey left us all way too early in November, a lifelong friend...he made me a somebody when I was a nobody. Here's to you dawg :))
    Micky Kush (Sweet Irish Kush x Jack the Ripper) from TGA

    Mother's Milk (Nepali OG x Appalachian) from Bodhi
    Clusterfunk ('91 Chem x '88 HP aka G13) from Bodhi
    White OG v2.0 (The White x Triple Kush) from Karma Genetics

    I'm currently running the H3ad formula (6/9 GH) in Coco with a couple other additives..

    Malted Barley Sprout Tea
    Floralicious Plus from Gen. Hydro
    Florablend from Gen. Hydro
    Rhizotonic from Canna (Because I had some left over)
    Powdered Coconut (Juveniles; seedlings and clones)
    Powdered Aloe (Any time I see the plants stressing ;) )
    KoolBloom Liquid
    KoolBloom Powder
    MagiCal from Technaflora (I use RO water so I start at 3ml (Roughly .3-.4EC) and supplement even more for stronger feeding indicas, so far the clusterfunk, mother's milk, and CK have needed more, the sativa pheno's seem to do alot better in coco with a generic formula and very little additional cal/mag..)

    Currently vegging under 2 x 400 Watt on 3' x 6' flood table. Drip feed once per day currently, hoping to get up to 3x per day in flower. Canna Coco from the bag mixed 50/50 with chunky and 'regular' perlite. I've got both 1 gallon and 2 gallon containers, wanted to compare the two side by side for the first run then switch to which ever one performs best. Switching to 2 1k Watt for flowering and preparing a new veg space.

    This is my first run in coco, I kept a mother in it some years ago with Heavy 16 and it was ez mode. Praying for the same here! lol. Please tell me if I'm doing something wrong, I'd love for this journal to be a wealth of information :). Please be respectful, it's ok to disagree..it's not ok to be a dick.

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    Really didn't get too many picture when they were babies..
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    These are from today:

    They all got topped for clones. Rooting them to sex then killing off the males and sorting the best female prospects. You can see the dome in the picture; still have a couple more to cut, but I didn't want to leave a nub of a plant so I left it a couple more days..
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    Corey Kush, lookin' good for the room..it's really short and bushy with tight noding, would be ideal on this table with my relatively short ceilings. Responds fairly well to the feed, can tell it prefers just a little bit more CalMag
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    My current veg feed:

    (RO Water - <20 Ppm)
    (Per Gallon, Ph'd to 5.5-6.0..I've found adjusting too much just causes precipitation in the end.)
    6ml GH Micro
    9ml GH Bloom
    3ml MagiCal (.4 EC)
    .25g Epsom Salt
    .5ml Floralicious (Still not tooo sure about this stuff, tends to kinda burn, I've got some spots to show for it.. xD)
    5-10ml Florablend (Not really on a schedule, just here and there)
    8ml Hygrozyme
    8ml Rhizotonic

    Currently feeding at 1.8 EC, but I'm having to flush once a week so I plan to experiment with bringing it down while still keeping the CaMg up. Flushing with RO + .4 EC CaMg and .6 EC Base..hoping that doesn't strip the buffer
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    While I'm on the topic...here's how I mix my reservoir (30 gallon example):

    Add 25 Gallons of RO to the reservoir then 5 gallons of RO in a bucket. To the 25 gallons I adjust the EC to .3-.4 usually with Magical. Next in the bucket I mix a rough-timate amount of micro/bloom in the 6/9 ratio (so say I want a full strength EC, which I measured out in a gallon once and was 850 ppm @ .5 or 1.7-1.8EC) then I would add 6 x 30 = 180 ml; 9 x 30 = 240 ( 30 instead of 25 to account for the additional 5 gallons input) and dilute to 1.7 EC, this is only an example for full strength.) For a weaker strength I would do the above and mix x25 instead (You really just want to make sure you have as much or more '6/9' in the mixing bucket as you're diluting into to be able to lower/raise EC in the main reservoir) since I most likely won't be using all 5 gallons of the mix to adjust EC. I just hate not accounting for the additional h2o input so I try and get as close as possible. I add an air stone to the nutrient solution bucket and hold onto it until the next reservoir, it could last for days so long as you keep it covered and avoid any organic material in the bucket.

    I add additives on a per gallon measurement since they seldom affect the EC with the exception of bloom booster which should be added to the base in the 5 gallon bucket..

    Epsom salt should go into the base mix as well since it's part of the ratio..

    I'm still new to all this so correct me if any of this is wrong. It just makes sense that so long as base is mixed in the same ratio (6/9) then the nutrient profile remains the same, I'm just adjusting strength (EC) for frequency of watering, environment, and stage of growth. I plan to try and get the EC to 1.2-1.3 and feed twice per day in veg and then up to 1.5.-1.6multiple times per day in flower.

    I figure it like this...if the ideal coco cannabis profile is close to 6/9..and it comes in at 1.8 EC roughly..then I need to split it per times watered per day for the plant to achieve a 'full diet' without excess. Starting at .4 means adding to 1.3 = .9 in base, times 2 = 1.8EC (6/9 at full strength).

    So I could either do large containers that only need watered once per day at 1.8 EC...or continue with small containers that need multiples and drop the EC like mentioned above...

    Any input is appreciated [​IMG]
  5. (Copy and pasted from thcfarmer)

    How to buffer reverse osmosis water:

    Here is a great tip for those who use reverse osmosis water to buffer your water and help stabilize pH. There are two ways, both efficient.- For those who prefer simplicity, all you have to do is add 20% tap water to your reverse osmosis water.- For the purists who do not want to use tap water, or whose water is particularly bad, here are two easy steps:
    1 – First increase your pH up to 10.0 with pH Up or potassium carbonate
    2 – Then bring it down to 6.0 with pH DownIn both cases you"ll obtain water well adapted to hydroponic nutritive solutions, while avoiding untimely pH fluctuations.

    You need to raise pH first because the "buffer” elements have a very high pH or very low pH. You can start by adding acid, but then you will need pH up to raise your pH.

    You need to buffer R.O. water simply because pure water has no buffering capacity. It is subject to big swings in pH every time you add something to the solution, making it unsuited for cultivation. Using pure R.O. is a classic source of failure.

    Your new best friend fellow RO users..

    It's important to make RO suitable for acidic nutrients, precipitation can happen at around 7.0 Ph, specifically calcium. By buffering you can avoid the Ph fluctuation that will cause it precipitate and reduce ph adjustments (even more precipitate with potassium silicate..)


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