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Welcome to my Dojo... I am Master Kush...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by wakkawakka, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Recently a half o of me was picked up. Enjoy. :smoke:

    Master Kush







    Here is my beautiful wahines nani...

    on the far left, we have the "daily" jar, the biggest is the "treasure" jar that holds 4 nugs of each dank pick up, and to the right of that we have my "present" jar which is my dank jar, and on the right to that is a half o of mids... some of the nugs are gone from my MK half. :hello:

    Saving most of my MK for my bubbler thats coming.



  2. master kush is always good. nice little stash u got there too!
  3. Yeah bro, thanks a lot.

    This shit is the most powerful strain that I had. It smells something strong, one nug is stinking the room up. It smells like, say, skunk cologne that could be a awesome cologne. The high is just... one hit and your lungs is confused because they are now getting overtaken with a wonderful smoke that burns and hurts, but is so beautiful in taste.

    And I'm going to love seeing my ladies grow more and more overtime. I'm on a sophisticated green diet... keeping my tolerance low with mids, and treating myself to a "present" here and there.

  4. Fuck! That strain is in my neighborhood and I just want to cop come of it just to try! :(

    Great looking pick up, that's one indica i'll be dying to try.
  5. Stuff looks great man. I know youll enjoy.

    But keeping such a small amount of bud in a big jar is not a good idea.
    Good way to let your bud get super dry
  6. Damn..Look at those trichomes!
  7. hmmmm this is a tasty ass strain.

    that particular bud looks great.
  8. very nice my man

  9. Thanks everyone! MK got its name correct. :smoke:

    Hey bro, every time I purchase a half o or oz, I will take 4 huge nugs out and put them in this jar. Is the jar ok? It will surely accumulate.
  10. You need to put them in smaller jars!
    All of the moisture evaporates from the bud and chills in the jar.
  11. Ok, I see. Thanks. I'mma look into getting smaller ones for starting proportiond. But I'm pretty sure its gonna run out of space soon ha ha. :p
  12. looks like you stuck those nugs in the freezer 0_____0
  13. Ha ha. Frosty little bastards aren't they? I think I'm gonna treat myself to some of that MK now. Tomorrow is my day off, and its like almost midnight here. Probably gonna spread the "treats" three days apart, and just get a nice high from the mids throughout the day.

  14. Here is some art...

  15. Just had my treat... wow... this strain has been the strongest I've ever smoked. And I've been around the garden. This is a head high, around 40%, and the body high is heavy and psychedelic mellow coming out the remaining 60% high. I thought my head was going to implode into a vortex of some sort ha ha ha. It was too much. One joint, nicely rolled.


    Master Kush-sama...
  16. Man I hit up the weed shops all the time and I really don't see it around that much, I'm not saying people ain't growing I just don't see it in my area. I ain't smoked it since 05 I'm gonna definitely keep a look out for it. Master kush has one of those taste and smells that last forever in your mind like white widow definitely a classic. 10/10

  17. If you were here I'd let you hit this shit, bro. Master really does have a signature taste and smell. It knocks me on my ass.

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