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  1. In a tiny, antispetic room a thousand miles away
    A shiny tiny human child is come to life today

    Hello, baby girl! You look so much like your mom did, I remember when she was born, like it was yesterday. I wanted so badly to give her everything then, she was so tiny, like you are, and helpless, and trusting. I didn't know what kind of dad I would be, I didn't have much experience at giving a shit about anything then, so I had to learn fast, after she was born.

    I know your mom and dad are going to love you, they are so young still, but learning the size of the job, and accepting the workload well. You have a big sister too, she just turned two, a couple of weeks ago. It's good that you will be surrounded with people that care about you, family and extended family, you aren't coming into any family fortunes, that's for sure!

    You will be coming into this world on the same day as many others less fortunate, however. It is important to realize that these people may not have a huge family support network, that they may be orphans, or refugees, or just people who are down on their luck, dirty, rejected, or poor in pocket and spirit. This does not make them worth any less than we are, and our worth upon this planet, in this life, is determined by how we treat each other. I would rather be a blind beggar with a heart, than be a wealthy heartless tycoon, a habit that has cost me plenty of money, but allows me to wax poetic more frequently, I guess.

    You'll hear a lot of conflicting opinions on this, but I would rather be right, than rich. I hope you will take it to heart that all life is terminal, and we dance here only for a short while, as the song says. Be kind, and tolerant, and strive to create excellence in yourself.

    Always remember that perfection is a process, not a destination. Question everything and never let your mind be beaten into any mold, or any dogma, that seems incorrect.

    This world is full of truth and beauty, but the liars have written many of the history books, religious texts, textbooks, and constitutions. That is because for some reason unknown to me, people are more willing to believe pretty lies, than they are to believe the truth, especially if it's ugly.

    It is a habit taught to us from birth, in fact, I bet you will hear your first lie before midnight. Fortunately, you won't understand it for awhile, or you might be tempted to crawl right back into the womb.

    I will attempt to override the temptation to lie to you, it's almost impossible though. I will have a lot of corrections for you, when the rest of them try to fill your head with their lies. It doesn't mean they don't love you, they may not know they are lying, many people don't. We often repeat our past lies, to feel good about our ancestors, who didn't think they were lying either.

    We are a work in progress, darling, with much, much work to do. We are perfecting ourselves in the collective soul called humanity. Welcome to our midst. Welcome to Earth!

    I will always be in love with you,
    Grandpa Al
  2. Not quite sure how to respond to this one..

    Great greeting to your new grandchild. I'm sure that she will find her way through life and will ultimately be happy, I have faith.

    Congradulations on the new addition to the family, and I wish you the best of luck.

  3. Thanks for reading it, I really don't know what response I expected, if any, I was typing this to avoid pacing the floor nervously, while waiting for news of the birth. She was born, at 17:40 MST-USA, 8-10-08, about 4 hours after I typed the op I think. I was crawling out of my skin, not being able to be there at the hospital, its hard to know someone so close is going through so much, in order to bring more love and life to our world.

    20 inches and just under 8 Lbs., healthy and hungry, for all the world has to offer. What the world has to offer this baby, is up to us.

    Everyone please smoke one for the new lives, the unspoiled terrain of brand new brains, and be kind to babies today, OK? :D:smoke::hello:
  4. What an amazing and inspiring thread. :)

    Congratulations, Medicine Al. :smoking:

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