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    As much for my own memory as may answer a question or two for someone else.
    My grow may fail or succeed. I may change my plans at any time.

    I set parameters;
    I've allocated a two foot by four foot space of floor in an open bedroom.
    My 'gear' consists of an eight bank, four foot T5 fixture, a floor fan and a thermometer/hygrometer.
    Yes... it will stink: and yet;

    I filled two 5 gallon mesh bags (that's 12"D x 11" H)
    That worked out to four gallons of Fox Farm Ocean Forest medium in each pot; one bag, total.
    I filled each pot with one gallon of HOT water to... season the medium. I find that fresh medium can be sketchy when it comes to comes to water distribution. Hot water seems to solve that issue.

    I choose to germinate my seeds using the 'baggie method'.
    A label follows each seed every step of the way... no confusion!
    I soak the seeds, overnight, in glasses of water.
    Twenty-four hours later, I place the seed into a damp, folded paper towel, slipped into a vented baggie, and placed in a dark closet for a few days.
    I'm anticipating that the taproots will appear in about three days.

    This is where they will live (or die);

    I'll be maintaining the moisture in the 5 gallon pots all the while I'm tending the seedlings.
    I'll be starting the seedlings in small cups... so as to better meter the watering.
    The seedling cup is small, with blue painters tape wrapped around it to block any light to the roots.
    The yellow cups are only for ease of handling.
    I place a cup in the middle of the medium... the same size as the seedling cup that I'm using... so that I can easily transplant. Take out the cup and put in the seedling. Smooth;

    I use FOUR plastic trays; two trays being stronger than one... and using concentric sizes.
    One pot to catch overflow; another pot for the inevitable over-spill. I'm working on a carpet.

    I peeked; both seeds have cracked.

    I peeked, again. One seed is ready for transplant, the other seeds tap root isn't 'pointing' for me, yet.
    Perhaps this evening... besides, the roots don't need unnecessary exposure to sunlight.
    I watered my five gallon pots to saturation; that worked out pretty well.
    The excess drained out the bottom of the pot, got caught in the plastic tray, and was siphoned by syringe.
    DSCN0725.JPG DSCN0722.JPG

    Well, almost.
    These, new, mesh pots allow larger sediment to permeate the material... plugging up my syringe needle.
    I need a plastic hose to screw in there instead of a needle. Plenty of time to try... aquarium air hose?

    I applied neem oil to my soil... an ounce of prevention?

    Well... I decided that it was time to plant the seeds. One was getting long and the other was giving my a clue as to orientation (I'm guessing).
    And now we wait... in the dark. What will happen next...?

    Bubba Kush 'broke ground. We need only wait for Super Silver Haze;
    pop.jpg That's three and a half days for Bubba. Seems fast.

    Given the observation of yesterday, I've decided to start another Super Silver have seed;
    DSCN0744.JPG DSCN0753.JPG


    Watering day; they took about 1 1/2 gallons. I added the fertilizer salts that I'd missed last fertilizing.
    I, accidentally, left the lights off for five hours; the plants were 'reaching up' this morning... I had to raise the light. I only removed one 'shader' leaf; no training, today.
    Interesting half hour...
    I checked on my second germination of Super Silver Haze. In two days, it developed a nice, long, wavy tap root; time to plant. I look around for something to plant it in and find that I've used all my Fox Farm; well, it'll be Pro-Mix BX... and that will be FINE. But, wait... what about that cup where the germinated seed never emerged? I could use THAT cup of medium. Grabbing that up, I decided to take a peek inside to see what was up; nothing ventured, nothing lost. BY JOVE! The seedling had sent out a nice tap root but the leaf end was kind of confused... it was growing in a serpentine manner... the 'head' already turning green (presumably from the very light coating of medium).
    I straightened out that 'dizzy dame' and set 'er back under the lights; a day will tell.
    That STILL left me with needing to make a cup of medium... and none was seasoned (moistened) to my liking. Sooooo... I grabbed a few spoonfuls from one of the 5 gallon buckets, and we're on or way, again. We may have THREE babies!

    I've been thinking.
    I planted that first Super Silver Haze when it was just 'showing meat'. I took my best guess as to which direction the taproot was growing. It is entirely possible that I planted that germinated seed up-side-down. I must remember, in the future, to WAIT until the tap root 'points'. In this case, one seed was ready.. the other needed another day or two...

    We're about back on track.
    The root of the Bubba Kush started to come through the drainage hole in the starter cup.
    I planted it in its five gallon container.
    The second coming on the Super Sliver Haze has popped out of the soil...
    a few more days and THAT may be moved to its pot.
    Bubba broke soil six days ago.
    Must remember this...

    Bubba Kush;

    Super Silver Have (take two);

    I'm glad I didn't wait even another day for this Super Silver Haze that I probably mis-planted;

    If it doesn't pop out very soon, it just HAS TO die in there...

    The day goes on...
    I gave the five gallon containers their second watering; it's been seven days since the last.
    I'll be monitoring the watering, very closely, now that the planting has begun.
    I saturated each pot with one half gallon of Fox Farm Grow Big and that turned out to be one cup too much, in each. I siphoned off the excess.
    Watering a la @Papa Puff ;

    A slice of aquarium air hose fit my syringe perfectly; the sediment is no longer an impediment!

    Well, no one will accuse me of over-watering... it's been six days!
    Oh, I mist each girl a couple o' three times a day...
    About three days ago, I noticed the Haze roots starting to come out of the bottom of the cup.
    I pulled out the empty 'place holder' cup and slid my seedling into the hole. Smooth; she looked stunned for only a day. :huh:
    Each pot took almost a gallon of water !! I should say that's the most that I've ever noted.
    I water in a 'doughnut pattern'; not close to the seedling and not close to the side of the pot.
    I want to encourage root growth as best I can (make them reach out?)... or too close to the edge else the water runs out of the mesh pot.
    drink time.jpg
    little sister.jpg
    big sister.jpg
    Now, there's plenty of fertilizer in there until the next feeding... which may likely be in a week.

    I had the switching option of running only the middle four lights, but I'm leaving all eight on to help the orchids that are coexisting.

    Four days since the last watering... and the pots are not, yet dry. I expect in a couple of days, I'll be fertilizing, again... the week two formula on the Fox Farm schedule.
    It appeared to me that t was time to start training... and so;
    I'm keeping the light but one and a half inches over the canopy;
    That dangling, twisted, wire is 3 1/2' long.


    Having seen one gnat when playing with the girls, yesterday, I decided to jump right on some neem oil while I could still move them. I saturated all the way around the pots, as well as the top soil and plants, themselves;
    Their first taste of real sunlight;

    The sides of the pots are too... 'flexible' for my safety pin training method.
    I MUST look into this. I see that last year, I folded the edges over; not this year......
    Okay... I rolled over the edges and still didn't get the firmness that I wanted.
    I used the safety pin, again... and I just wasn't happy; GOTTA get this right, now.
    How to add rigidity?
    I recall that someone on this site suggested using binder clips.
    And so I have tried a 2" clip. it seems better than the safety pin; I ordered a couple dozen;
    Better, but still....

    Heh... I remembered to dry off the plants, in front of the fan, before slipping them under the lights.
    Last year was a DISASTER with burnt leaves...


    Bubba got a two-fan-leaf haircut, tonight, opening up lots of light to some very eager side branches; nice.
    Haze is still on her first tug... being a week behind. i don't think that difference will matter much, in short order.
    DSCN0855.JPG DSCN0854.JPG

    The safety pins ARE working... they're just not elegant.

    A drenching of neem oil, this morning, followed by a thorough watering.
    I'm expecting the girls to want ~3/4 gallon of water every other day once they hit their stride.
    The first interval was 6 days; the second 5. We shall see.
    DSCN0860.JPG About 20 days from breaking soil

    Heartbreak; I REALLY don't like to remove fan leaves; I consider them so important to the plant.
    BUT... sometimes you have to open up for light or ventilation.
    The massacre begins;

    I saw and killed a gnat.


    Just a note that the Bubba Kush (one week ahead) had a sudden and obvious growth spurt.
    Every tie down had to be tightened

    I noticed a growth spurt in the Super Silver Haze, today.
    Today, was also feeding day, by schedule... but I've made a calendar mistake, I believe. The seeds popped, on average,
    on Aug 15. That should make today fall into week #3... and I fed them week #4 mixture; shortchanged by 5 ml of Grow Big.
    I've been tugging and tying from as early as possible. I see that some early branches that I trained will NOT be worthwhile SNIP.
    I couple of fan leaves were covering promising new growth SNIP.
    Two leaves found themselves flat down on the medium SNIP.
    What a switch of mindset from traditional auto growing.

    The girls took a record full gallon apiece, today.
    They MUST be growing, eh?


    Big (for me) defoliation day.
    I, generally, take my photos under florescent or florescent/incandescent lights; that DOES shift the color about. I try not to alter anything other than brightness.
    Just for the record, for better or worse, I just dragged Bubba outside for a shady day photo;

    Well, they're only about five inches tall, and they may not look like much, but when I'm inside with my snips and ties I see a lot of good shaping going on;
    Time to start using the funnel to feed the girls; the splashing of the Fox Farm Doo-Doo is unsightly.

    A thorough dousing of neem oil, this morning. it looks as though I have enough neem for one more application, then I switch over to the recommended Green Cure. Before long, the girls will be too large to move... and that will be the end of fungicides.
    I think that THESE photos are more indicative of how open the plants are to the floor fan circulation;
    DSCN0890.JPG DSCN0892.JPG I'm satisfied.

    Watering day. The girls took 1 1/2 gallons. I added the fertilizer salts that I'd missed last fertilization.
    I, accidentally, left the lights off for five hours. The plants were reaching this morning; I had to raise the light. No training or topping, or tightening, today; just the removal of one 'shader' leaf.

    More than a little excitement, today. Every once in a while I write; "I saw a gnat'.
    Well, last night i saw TWO gnats... I just cannot continue to ignore this. I asked the kind folks in Papa Puff's forum thread for advice and received several great sounding suggestions. I decided on a plan of attack that consists of yellow sticky paper and Summit Responsible Solutions Mosquito Bits - Quick Kill. My decision was based upon my lifestyle and aesthetics and personal preference. How odd.
    So... today I drenched the girls, outside, with neem oil (can't hurt, eh?) and gave them a thorough watering. They took a little over 1 1/2 gallon... together.
    They're starting to look bushy; I think that tomorrow, I'll be making some hard choices on 'who stays and who goes'.
    They look 'right', to me.

    Today was 'haircut' day It's a hard thing for me to do to my babies... but they had to be 'opened up'.
    I'm FAR from finished training... the fun 'is just begun'.
    There are plenty of post on trimming, but I wanted to 'wing it' on my own; let the plants talk to me...
    For better or for worse...
    I saw a gnat.
    Bubba smells... :)

    MAJOR faux pas; I under-watered my plants... distracted by other things in my life. My fault.
    Bubba seems to have suffered... Haze is okay. They took almost a gallon of water, each. YIKES!
    Couple of funky looking leaves on Bubba. I've never had funky leaves... sad. I'll take photos.... even though I'm embarrassed.
    This journal... for better or worse.
    I saw a gnat.
    I poured 'gnaticide' on the soil... and on the orchid medium.
    I await the yellow gnat paper.
    I suppose I'll have to do some more trimming... perhaps only Haze... give Bubba another day to recover. :(

    DSCN0948.JPG DSCN0949.JPG DSCN0950.JPG

    The girls perked up so nicely, that I decided to continue their haircuts';

    Tough decision day.; reality sets in.
    The branches are growing too tough and thick and stubborn to 'play with'.
    There may be a window in which to do that... or requires more space than I'm willing to give up.
    And so... Today I chose who stays and who goes... and trimmed as many side branches as I dare.
    I'll let the girls shoot up, now, and, soon I'll flip them to 12/12... for better or worse;
    Super Silver Haze
    Bubba Kush

    Nine inch canopy... let's go;
    I did not see a gnat.

    My turn!
    In order of sequence, without any other meaning...
    on the 19th, I fertilized with Big Bloom and Grow Big (I neglected the Tiger Bloom) and neem oiled and trimmed.
    on the 23rd, I realized that I'd waited too long before watering, watered, and applied gnaticide.
    At that time, I noticed that a few leaves on Bubba looked.... stressed.
    on the 26th, I fertilized... leaves still showing stress.
    on the 28th, I watered... hard to ignore those leaves.
    on the 29th, today, I removed 4 leaves due to ugliness.
    I'm guessing that it looks like potassium excess.
    We shall see...
    I staked and 'tied' the girls; my secondary plan being to have them grow vertically for a while and then flip them.
    DSCN1049.JPG DSCN1050.JPG

    Fertilized the girls, today... BUT held back on the Tiger Bloom. I have some indications of excesses in my nutrients... I'm I'm just 'shooting for the moon'.
    Someone put a bug in my ear;
    "You're using T5s; you cannot suffer a tall plant due to lighting choice.
    Flip them now, and you'll have three foot tall plants... more suitable for your lighting".
    I think there is wisdom in that.
    Does this mean a TERTIARY plan?

    Today was a HUGE day; the big flip.
    Did a final trimming, switched to warm bulbs, and reprogrammed the timer to be on 7 AM to 7 PM.
    DSCN1138.JPG DSCN1140.JPG

    I saw a gnat.

    Today, I gave the girls a 'shave and a haircut: ten cents'.
    I didn't see any gnats.
    I did a lot of 'clearing out' of the undergrowth... and built up the nerve to clip the branches that I knew were never going to amount to anything given my choice of lighting.
    First I attacked them from the side, plant on the table. Then, I put them on the floor and attacked them from the top; opening up the canopy to light.
    PAINFUL... but I know it's the right thing to do.
    OH! This was the 'oh, shit' day that I always claim will come. I adjusted the lights at about 6 PM last night. Lights were off from 7 PM to 7 AM. By 7:30 AM, Bubba grew right into the lights... scorching two leaves. Oh, shit!
    They are growing very quickly, now, eight days after 'the flip'.
    I'll be able to use the longer stakes in just a day or two;
    DSCN1207.JPG DSCN1208.JPG

    Today was a big day; I elevated Haze by four inches to match the canopy of Bubba.
    I traded three foot stakes for the two foot stakes in Bubba... and re-supported everything.
    As well, I pinched off all growth at least half way up the plants.... the little branches that will never amount to anything for lack of light.
    They be growing...

    4 inches;

    Four foot stakes;
    And so;
    DSCN1230.JPG DSCN1231.JPG DSCN1233.JPG

    I should say that the entire 2 foot by 4 foot space is filled by the two plants;
    No where to go but up!

    Today I did that which needed to be done... even though they are into flowering stage (but growth spurt time... as though that was any comfort.
    I trimmed and pinched pretty-well up the plants. I remember from the first time that I grew photos that the bottoms of the plants just didn't produce much. I called it 'Dregs'.
    The plants are not happy;
    DSCN1272.JPG DSCN1273.JPG DSCN1274.JPG

    But... they 'look right' to me.

    Whoa.... BIG mistake, today;
    I fertilized instead of watered,
    No telling the outcome of that.

    Seemingly, we've gotten over the 'double watering'; that could have been ugly.
    I got a little moisture / ph / light meter. It, merely, confirms my observations...though easier to use than the soil tester / solution method. Indeed, we've gone acidic... and really, the Kush is not drinking as quickly as the Haze.
    A change must be made; while Haze will stay on the watering / feeding schedule (every other day), Bubba Kush needs to wait longer until the bottom is more dry. I knew this... I ignored this... I've got to water / feed on demand.
    This is the first time not watering my plants at the same time.... but it is clear, to me, what must be done.

    A complication. I don't like complication... I like simple.
    DSCN1308.JPG DSCN1309.JPG DSCN1310.JPG


    And so, today, I watered only Haze; Kush is not dry, yet.
    I purchased a small moisture/ph tester that inserts into the soil.
    I see that as... useful. It did show Haze being ready for water... and not Kush (pretty obvious, anyway).
    The moisture is easy enough to see and feel... the meter, merely, confirming.
    The ph testing is.... interesting; I can see the ph change with the addition of fertilizers...
    acidic to 4.5 and then return to 6.5. I think the less I know, the better.
    I ordered a second meter; I don't like pushing the probes into the soil; I fear for root damage.
    I'm still doing my best to ignore obvious leaf damage on Kush from... something; probably calcium deficiency. I think I read in the the growers' bible that it's not good to treat calcium when in flower.
    We shall see. I see two different kinds of damage... I should, at least, think about it.
    I've never had nutrient burn, but I'm seeing the slightest tip browning; I'm not concerned, about that, yet. The only change has been the Beastie Bloom additive. Again, we shall see.
    DSCN1327.JPG DSCN1326.JPG DSCN1325.JPG

    But... the plants do look okay;
    DSCN1328.JPG DSCN1329.JPG DSCN1330.JPG
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  4. I’m excited to see how this turns out. Nice we are probably on the same grow schedule here
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    I am wordy, but I come back to my journals to remind myself of stuff I've forget... all the details.
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  7. I like the way you did your jourmarl. The plants very healthly. I put a hold on redoing ny grow room for a couple of weeks. She said my brain needs to heal from both strokes. Oh well i'll do it ... lol
    But I really can't wait to get back toit... it's realaxing to me and the smell is well you know...lol
  8. You MIGHT enjoy this one.... while you’re waiting;
    No one cares, I tell ya!
  9. Thank you.
    I've started to really 'get to work' on them... this is MY play time.
    I still haven't formulated a plan, just yet.
    I wanna give them just a couple of days to talk to me.
    I learned from a previous photo-period grow that it IS fruitless to allow branches to grow under the canopy, given the lighting that I've chosen. I'm feeling as though a dozen or so branches will be plenty for my set-up.
  10. How's your grow going?
  11. Stumbles in.... Whhhaaaa looks around... Hey I know you!

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  12. Good to see you here. Sorry for the delay; I come here 'with my thinking-cap on'... and forget I might have a visitor.
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  13. Boo! IMG_20190912_143403_050.jpg

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  14. Looking good brother. I’ve been in flower for a couple of weeks now. I too have a small gnat infestation. The yellow paper is awesome. It works well.
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  15. DE sprinkled on top of the soils will help too with the gnats.. I also use a product called go-gnats if they are a bigger problem... GL ya'll
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  16. Hey, thanks... I’ll look into that.
    Fortunately, the gnats remain very small in number; the top treatment seems sufficient, but I still see them, occasionally, ducking in and out of the sides of these mesh pots...
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  17. A good strong fan keeps them in check too.. Does let them land and set up camp...

    Looking forward to seeing some good buddage showing up pretty soon....
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  18. hey slow! how's the grow coming along???
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