weirrrrrrrrd shyt mayn

Discussion in 'General' started by fourtwozer0, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. so i'm sippin a coffee flippin thru pics on facebook , when i see this.


    look to the very left of the pic right above the guys hand ,looks like the bitch from the grudge, no?

    Weird as shitttttttttttttttttttt, although I definitely don't believe in ghosts n this doesnt change my opinion
  2. photoshopped.
  3. perhaps it is?

    idk to be honest, my bad if it is lol
  4. maybe it's cuz I just woke up but I don't see a ghost man?
  5. Haha same here man. I don't see shit.
  6. ahahahahaahahah
  7. I want your connection. Your seein shit
  8. you guys really dont see that shit
  9. i see it. look at the top of the wood on the left hand side
  10. ghost circled in red

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  11. Looks like wood to me brah.
  12. I don't see a ghost either but the two different colors of tile on the floor is pretty disturbing.
  13. Look at the guy's elbow, right above that. But it's probably photoshopped.

    Edit: What would be HIS right elbow.

  14. maybe your monitor is to dark or something

    its pretty clear on mine
  15. It's pretty clear that it's wood, if that's what you mean.

    You guys are as bad as those people who see jesus in their toast and presidents in their dirty laundry.
  16. Whos high here?

  17. How do you have 82 posts and full rep?

  18. people gave me the rep :confused:

    i didnt even know what it was until a couple days ago
  19. Jealous?:devious:
  20. how you ya'll not see it. its right by the dude's head

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