Weired leaf curl [pictures]

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  1. Dear Grasscity!

    I am growing 2 x pure Ak and 2 x C99 from and im very pleased with the process so far!

    They are 11 days old but i have noticed some weired leaf curling going on and i want to fix it before it gets worse. From my perspectife it dont look like the usual leaf curl up or down, but much more like an 'S'-bend maybe caused by PH or the fact that the leafs dont get enough water. That said, some of the leafs are bending the top down.

    Here are some pictures of the plants:

    I have just recieved my water spray and will start spraying some water on the leafs daily to keep it more moist, and have just tested the PH levels with the basic kit i got.

    It seems like the PH is a bit too high, maybe i should add some drops of lemon to my next watering (i dont know what else i got for lowering PH).

    Thanks for the help guys!

  2. check the runoff and get back to us
  3. Sorry have never heard the word runoff before but a wild guess is running water through the whole soil and then measure that ph?
  4. You got it - runoff is the water that runs out the holes after watering.
  5. Hi Again,

    Here with the runoff results fmor two of the plants that act weired.

    Just say if i should upload more images of the leafs or anything else.

    I was wondering if it could be light leakage but not much light can get in to those plants at night so i dont think thats the problem. It is mainly the Pure ak that freaks out, the c99 has maybe 1 s-bend leaf
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    Light leakage can't be a problem during veg - you can run the lights 24 hours a day if you like. Light leakage only becomes a problem during 12/12, when you need total darkness during the 12 hours of night.

    Personally, I don't think you have anything to worry about, leaves often look like this. Just let them grow, for now.

    Incidentally, the pH looks OK for soil.
  7. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the plant.

    The curl originated in the seed.

    Sometimes the young sprout develops quite quickly
    the minute water gets inside the seed. As a result,
    it becomes quite cramped inside the seed for a few
    hours before it breaks open and releases the pressure.

    These are creasing/folding/pinching marks.
    And they are now distinctive features of the plant.

    Nice and healthy too.

    Good luck.

  8. Just as a quick chime in here. I have two Cinderella 99's, the seeds came from the same bud, were planted in identical conditions, are being fed identical nutrients. One is slightly stunted and has the leaf curl trait the other doesn't(it's nearly perfect). I obviously suspect that this is a recessive trait in C99. And one that if correlated, could indicate exactly what in the ancestry expresses this leaf curl. If everyone who is growing C99 counted their plants and noted how many had curl, that would give a percentage that someone cleverer than myself might be able to use this productively.
  9. ?????
    It's perfectly normal for many seedlings to have those wavy edges. Means absolutely nothing. Just another normal plant. They grow neither slower nor faster than other plants.

  10. dude 2 weeks old... plus I think its clear that its nothing. Have seen it many times before
  11. Your plant looks just fine. Don't freak out.

    Keep an eye on the number of blades on the leafs. Generally speaking a plant which has 3 bladed leafs are under stress.

    I'd suggest you get yourself some VAM and scratch a bit into the soil.

    Also, looks like your pot is like a 4" square. The roots will become pot bound real fast, so you want to start thinking about up-potting them into something bigger - like a 5 gallon at the least. imho.

    Hope this helps :)

  12. Hi all!

    Thanks for the many great responses, well i tend to frek out when its my first indoor grow, new LED light and new seeds.

    Just as you said, Freakbro - "the curl originated in the seed." - The plants turned out just fine.

    New problem

    I gave all my plants equal amounts of nutrients but i think the c99 might have gotten burned by the nutrients i gave them 1cl of advanced hydroponics of holland
    The 2 x AK's are doing great, but one of my c99 was totally stunted, and the other got some tip burn - i assume this was nuteburn so i flushed the two c99 even though they had been moist for some days so i risked overwatering themn. This is 4 days after the flush, the little one started growing again and the larger one still keeps turning out bad. Is this nuteburn?

  13. Looks to me like you had some issues.

    New growth looks super.

    Easy on the water. Soil looks really wet.
  14. There is something a little more: a sort of crumplie bundle on small new growth leaves, more than I have seen in other plants (and let's think a bit about exactly what other varieties have this). They do mostly straighten out as they get bigger, but the leaf development is different than it's twin, more irregular. Other than the aesthetics, there doesn't seem to be a problem. The only difference from seedling to a month out is the curly leafed one is about two inches shorter.
  15. I'm not sure that I agree with this.
    Often the curly ones end up larger, in my experience.
    I've always totally ignored it.
    There are many other, much more important factors to be concerned about.
  16. Sure, no universalism implied. I don't have a huge sample [2 plants]. What I do know, is that the seeds came from the same mother plant.

  17. The same mother does not correlate to the seeds possessing the exact same traits - necessarily. It could happen, but the odds are against you. :(

    Rather than a very long rant. Just check this link out.

    Also keep in mind that this Mendelian thing is a law of science and not just some good theories :) Like Newton's Law as opposed to Mr. Einstein who had some good theories on Relativity. :wave:
  18. [quote name='Your Grandfathe']The same mother does not correlate to the seeds possessing the exact same traits - necessarily. It could happen, but the odds are against you. :(

    Agreed. I've since had the opportunity to look at several hundred C99's in the first month of growth. This leaf trait consistently recurs, not in all plants but in enough to make me watch and wonder. I'm not convinced that it's merely the result of a slightly damaged seed. Now that the plant is over a six weeks in, there seems to be a slight defect in the pattern of leaf growth consistent throughout the entire plant. This link has the ancestry of mine: --This shows a lot of interesting backbreeding in C99 that concentrates errors in replication. Given that my seeds were the result of a C99 hermie, I had good reason to be suspect. I was amused that one didn't have the trait and one did. Now I've seen enough to at least make a reasonable guess that it is genetic, and not the result of something I'm (or anyone else is) doing. I'll continue to watch this strain and report.

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