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weirdest thing you've smoked out of?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by botanist al, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. personally mine was a hollow out a cone shape at the fat end and then stick a peice of wire or something up it longways and its a pipe! hahaha what about you guys.....?
  2. An Altoids tin.

    A few friends of mine and I skipped school one day and went to the woods to smoke only to realize we had nothing to smoke out we found an Altoids tin and used a safety pin to poke holes in it...ended up wasting a lot of weed trying to smoke with it.

    A month later one of the guys I was with told me he had tinfoil as a book mark in one of his books and forgot about it :p
  3. in high school, during pe, i went into the change room to find a pipe, ANYTHIGN to smoke with.

    I picked up an 1 1/2'' match box, a pen lid, and a paper clip. the match box became the body of the pipe, the pen lid stuck out of it as a mouth piece, and the paper clip was bent into a spiral as a screen that dropped into the box.

    smoked a nice bowl in it, it was great :D hahah, so much fun to build pipes with nothing!
  4. weirdest thing ive smoked out of....2 foot long, triple chamber, ice steamroller. well, i dont know if youd even call it a steamroller anymore with the 3 chambers, but thats the way this thing was setup, and it worked like a steamroller.
  5. the wierdest thing i've ever smoked out of was a traffic cone. a couple months ago they were doing some construction on the street i live on, so i stole a traffic cone. a few days later i had a traffic cone 4-person hooka. lol. it's nice, you can fit an entire bag of ice in it. hits surprisingly smooth.
  6. 1/2" socket.... Made a screen with some thin wires and the damn thing thing hits really good! Gets hot ass fuck though
  7. one time when me and my friends were already completely drunk sitting in my car we couldn't find a damn thing not even some paper to smoke out of, so we took the ciggerate lighter and got it really really hot then we just set the weed on there and let it burn it and then as the weed when up in the air we tried to inhale it. prolly turned out to be the biggest waste of weed ever but it makes a great story
  8. one of those big funnels which you use to put petrol on a car. they're about 8 inches wide and with a big bendy pipe at the end of the funnel.

    me and my bro found this 6 foot long drain pipe and attached it to this funnel :D it was a perfect fit. and the thing looked like a 6 foot sherlock pipe. haha

    it was cool aswell, because the funnel we bought already had a gauze in it :) i don't know why. i don't know anything about cars or petrol...
  9. two quarters...

    stick a little pinch of weed inbetween them at one end, and just suck real hard on the other end, and light it... I burnt my fingers, inhaled some flaming peices of weed, and wasted a good deal, but i got high....
  10. Weirdest shit I smoked out of was a joint rolled with a receipt and a joint rolled with computer paper, both tasted like shit.
  11. receipts, you can roll long ass joints and they burn slow as fuck and suprisingly good, good thing to remember on a rainy day with no blizzy

  12. Yea I'd say the ink was the best part for me.
  13. i was in florida at my grandparents house and i managed to get an 8th down there on the airplane...

    i found one of those needle attachments for an air compressor pump, like for inflating basketballs and stuff.
    it packed like a hit-worth and i stuck the needle end into a toilet paper tube and used it as a oney steamroller, it was great
  14. We used to carve a bowl into an apple and use it when we smoked in a car, that way if we got busted we could just eat the apple, no evidence, no ticket
  15. all i got to say is bible paper...
  16. a tennis ball

    this was back before i knew any better...

    someone plugged a tube into the tennis ball to hit from, and popped a bowlhead in side the ball. it hit pretty good. tasted like ass though.

    needless to say... only smoked outta it once :D
  17. hahah! tennis ball inards smell like bad tuna... hahahah. bed it tasted VERY awful :D

    you know those really big pylons (not cones, just a pillar) they put in the road sometmes? they are bright orange, about 4 feet tall, with about 6 inches of white at the top and have a square platform at the bottom.

    me and a buddy made a bong with one of those a couple weeks ago, its HIGHlarious :D hahahah. looks like crap, doesnt hoot the best, but try to not laugh after hitting something like that!! and thats what weeds about eh??

    it tooks one hoot to get the air out of the chamber, and another toke just to get any weed smoke :D hahahahah.
  18. oh man! hahahah! just remembered one from oh my, must of been 8th grade :D

    hahaha, sitting in a forest with some buddies, we took a 24inch pink stuffed elephant, and cut a hole in the end of its trunk, and its back. then we took one long tube and stuck it through both. after cutting the tube so it was flush, we put a bowl on one end. then you could toke outta the trunk and take fat elephant rips!! hahaha. damn those were some of the best times of my life. high school was soo funny. i dont have even one memory that doesnt make me burst out into laughter, we were such CHUMPS!! hahaha.

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