weirdest thing you've done stoned?

Discussion in 'General' started by Sm0k3, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. lets hear your stories!

    lets see... ive had a 2 hour arguement with a lava lamp about what it should make the "lava" do next... sadly i dont really remember all of this, my friend told me about it.

  2. wow.. ive never done anything i didnt remember, that sounds more like something that would be done on acid lol
  3. lol it didnt help that i was drunk at the time as well! lol
  4. one of my good friends dan and i were on a really long walk around his town and he had a tape recorder on him. we went by his old elementary school and he started telling me about the crack addicted janitor that worked there and how he was really bizarre. this was at like 10pm. as we went by the gym, the janitor came out. we took of running and dan sounded terrified as he screamed "we gotta get out of here, that guy is a fucking FREAK!" so we ran until we got to a gas station. what's really cool is we have the whole incident on tape! we also had a long discussion about puking. fun times.
  5. omfg, i just sang it and it IS hilarious!


    (sung to tune i think "independent woman.")
  6. erm........ walk in my house
    i dont do stupid stuff. :p

  7. LMAFAO!!
  8. dude ferrets are badass
  9. tons of shit..... me and my cuzin debate about how the world got started and alot of shit.... we laugh alot and always act dumb as hell but its so fucking fun!!!!

  10. i don't know if that would be considered wierd....

  11. i know..... sounds fun... even more while stoned
  12. Most of my friends say i do the funniest shit stoned , like i should be a comedian haha that i do the best impressions of other people and exagerate them alot so its hilourious..... one other thing i did which is kinda stupid is i was gonna take a pan and fill it with water for mac n cheese but then when i picked it up i tipped it upside down *thinking it was empty* and spilt it all over myself.. the funny part is i filled it like 5 mins ago myself hahah


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