Weirdest thing that you made a pipe/bong out of?

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by catface123, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone,

    This is my first post :)

    I was wondering what is the strangest thing you've made a smoking devise out of? I just made a great pipe out a tomato - it tastes surprisingly nice!
  2. I have never tried apples or tomatoes yet that's in my future. But back when we had nothing to use we would make a bowl out of a water bottle or Soda can. Ahhh the good days...

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  3. Over 30 years or so ago i used dry wall anchors and hollow all thread. The anchors fit inside the all thread making an adjustable bowl size. Anywhere from a single hitter to a large bowl chillum. Not sure if that qualifies as weird, they were actually pretty nice and very easy to clean since they came apart. Lots of people liked them. I was actually pulled over and searched over something else. I had a bunch of them in a box that were unused. The officer questioned me several times. I just kept my mouth shut, he put the box back.
  4. Ooh yes I've used soda and beer cans before - a very quick and effective way of smoking :)
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  5. I'm always using fruits and food as pipes so they've become kinda commonplace(oranges r my favorite) but one time I used a bendy straw, a socket and some scotch tape to make a pipe. Not my proudest blaze bit it got the job done. Anotherv time i used 2 sockets and tied them with electrical tape. But i kept burning myself so i don't really count that as a successful smoking device

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  6. I used a bread once. First I hollowed it then I put some small holes in it. Worked surprisingly well
  7. Cucumber. My own hand once, when I was a bit drunk. I barely felt the burn of the cherry. Felt it the next day tho.
  8. The weirdest thing I made a bong out of? I made a bong out of a statue of a cherub, one of those flying heavenly baby things. A message to Satan it was, until it was dropped and smashed into a million pieces.

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