weirdest thing happened.

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  1. so, at about noon i was smoking a bowl in my room. it was gorgeous outside so kids were playing in the street and whatnot. i'm a bowl deep and already pretty sparked, but i want to pack another, so i do.
    as i'm finishing up packing the second bowl, a little piece of nug is just chillin' on the rim of the bowl, i don't think much of it so i bring the lighter up to the bowl, and just glance out the window and notice that a little girl is staring at me.
    so i kind of smile awkwardly at her, then get ready to move. (not really comfortable smoking in front of children).
    as i look back at the bowl, the little piece of nug jumps back into the bowl. i don't know how, but i think that girl had telekinetic powers or something and she helped me out.
    not too sure, though..
  2. im about as high as you are right now.
  3. did the nug yell something like 'tally ho!" before it jumped?
  4. :D
    Welome to the city.

    Careful of dem damn chilun'
  5. Haha you sir are high as a f**king kite.
  6. Do you happen to attend Professor's Xavier School for the Gifted Youngsters (xmen)
  7. sorry dude, i'm a newb. what's a chilun'? some kinda nug that talks????:confused:
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    Its slang for children -_-
  9. Thats awesome man the kids in my neighborhood are assholes and when i blow a toke out the window they always have something to
  10. I thought all Swedish children had those kinds of powers.
  11. Yeah, Scandinavian people usually have. Probably because of all the heathens lol.


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  12. Exactly, they need to fight of the Vikings somehow!
  13. I wish I could get that high...
  14. oh boy was i high.. i honestly thought all i would get was "CSB!!"
    but this community is better than that ;)
  15. Damnson thats for real
  16. yeah, i'm high as fuck and going out for ice cream right now. livin the life.

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