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Weirdest shit you've smoked out of? (MUST SEE PICS)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FredTheNunKing, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Aight well I have smoked out of a ton of weird shit and I know everyone else has.. But this has been seriously one of the best things that I have EVER smoked out of. I went to sams club today and got a 32 OZ soda and they come in Styrofoam cups and they have the biggest opening ever. I just put a downstem in this thing, put some water in it.. And I have to put litterally my whole fucking face in this cup for a seal but it's air tight, and in this position you don't have the "suck into mouth" suction force like you do when your hitting a pipe or a regular byong. When you inhale through this it's like a deep inhale like you should and it rips like a mofo. I have gotten so high with this thing it's seriously just like, if not better then a gravity bong and it's soo easy too. Also you can just put the lid on after and pull out the stem and it looks like a regular cup. This thing's legit and I really do reccomend everyone trying it because you will absolutely love it. Has anyone else done something like this? I'll also post a picture of my old UBER ghetto water bottle bong lol it looks like a dizaster and has probably killed more brain cells then I can imagine (foil through a marker tube where the plastic marker tube has massive amounts of ink in it so I think I've smoked plenty of marker ink)

    Here it is (sorry for the shit quality this is a cell phone pic)


    And here's my bottle of death, it has served me well.


    And the well used bowl... (it's fuckin deep)

  2. Btw I'm wondering if I could still get another resin hit off the bong o death? I tried and it didn't work and I resin hit that mofo plenty of times and I think I got more chemicals then nothin else but theres still resin left, it's just it's a deep bowl and the flame doesn't get sucked into the left over res.
  3. Ewww Plastic! Never evah! Anyways I'll have to find my pics of this but I brought snow from Flagstaff to Tucson and made Ice Pipes for a party which where sick as fuck.
  4. Plastic. Aluminum Foil. STYROFOAM? wtf fool?
  5. Out of an ice cubeee. Literally.

    My buddy does ice sculptures and stuff for a living, he made a bong. We filled it with ice cold water, put a glass slide in there and hit it.

    It made my face numb, but it was soooo clean.
  6. It's amazing how many dumb ass kids don't know that tin foil produces toxic chemicals when it's being used like that.

    Another resin hit? Enjoy the toxic chemicals man. When you die can I have your actual weed?

  7. QFT. True dat.
  8. Its obvious he doesnt care. He's a big boy and can make his own decisons.

    Save the lectures for another day gents.
  9. Weirdest thing ive smoked out of was a loaf of Frenchbread..

    NOW onto the OP Thread...

    Dude Bro. Thats No Bueno...
  10. Me and my friend made a fruit pipe once, but we only had bananas.

    So we sliced off the side of the top of the banana, right next to where the stem is, and dug a little bowl into that. Dried it out with the lighter. Then took a pencil and stuck it through the other side of the banana so it was going up it, then made little paths that crossed. Banana bowl. It was sick.
  11. youd be surprised at how many smokers dont realize how garbage that REALLY is not only for looks, but also for health reasons.
    i still once in a while will smoke out an apple, but will use apple skin as a bowl instead of any foil.
  12. I dug a hole through the ground with two openings, I put a bunch of rocks to act as a filter in one hole and in the other hole I stuck a cut open coke bottle to act as a mouth piece.
  13. Resin hitting an aluminum foil bowl has to be the worst idea I've ever heard. It looks like you've toasted that bowl way too much. I hope you know how damaging that bong can be man. Do yourself a favor and just buy a cheap glass piece
  14. I wanna see you hitting the Sams Club one. I dont think its real. Looks like you just took a picture of a Sams Club Cup (which would suck for a bong anyways... hurt the bridge of your noes id think) with a shitty little bong behind it.
  15. Yeah dude using an aluminum foil bowl was a pretty dumb idea, might as well have been smoking shards of glass.
  16. lmfao spend 15$ on trip layered glass bowl
  17. =] Yeah I smoke out of alluminum and cans mostly...

  18. You should, it's really fun...

    and possible...
  19. I'm pretty sure glass doesn't smoke.. I would smoke weed with broken glass mixed up.. Not like it's gonna evaporate into your lungs.. Glass doesn't smoke..

  20. I'm willing to bet that it'd be relatively safe if you used a bong.

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