weirdest places you've gotten high?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by lambofgodbc, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. what are some of the weirdest places,people and stuff you've gotten into while gettin high?
    few years back me and a freind went to this dudes house and were to stoned to do anything exept laugh,when we left the guys pit bull started growlin at us and it looked like the devil was tryin to come after us scared us to death!so we get to walkin during the way we realize its pitch black on a backroad in the middle of nowhere and we couldn't find our way home, when we make it home its almost daylight outside,scared me s**tless
  2. walking home this morning at 2:00 pitch black at night extreme fog and we just skin up by the side of the road........funny shit
  3. last 4th of july i was at the beach smoking all day and i have no clue how but the next thing i remember i was drinking with these mexicans at some picnic tables on the beach it was so weird
  4. 'bout a year ago they had some cleaning done on the courthouse where I live. So we climbed up the scaffold and toked up on top of the courthouse. I just hope I never end up inside it.
  5. The weirdest place I've ever gotten high? My nipples!
  6. <--- right there
  7. the one time i got pulled over for speeding but my car smelled like weed, so they put me in the back of the cop car and searched my car. little did they know i was tokin in their car as they searched :)

  8. yeah......sure.
  9. you got me... its untrue. but it would have been funny. so far i havent toked up in any unusual places :(
  10. Weirdest place that I have gotten high would have to be the time me and a few buds of mine (by buds I mean friends not "buds") were skippin' class, or maybe it was lunch I don't know but we found this little shack behind this place and it was so small and the door wasn't locked. So we get into this shack and the three of us just realize we got nothing to smoke out of so we see a a pop can, poke some holes in it and my one friend was just about to take a hit and this creepy little bug crawls out over his hand and he starts screeching and I started laughing. By the end of it all we come out of the place with smoke going everywhere, ahhh... Good times.
  11. i dont know about the weirdest place, but the dumbest place was right in the middle of a fucking road. we were already stoned as fuck so i packed a bowl right in the middle of a road and we started passin it. after about 4 cars went by we finally realized what we were doin and ran
  12. one nite i went to a nite club and ended up at a house party, next thing i can remember i am sitting in a field in the middle of nowhere at about 8 in the morning with 48 bottles of beer in 2 big boxes, smoking a joint with loads of cows and sheep around me. figure that one out
    dumbest place was probably in school, very easy to get caught
  13. Right in front of City Hall on the day of the blackout...that was pretty sweet.
  14. Smoked a bong on my school bus sophomore year...twice
  15. I smoked on a roller coaster once with a stealth pipe.
  16. I would have to say the bathroom in the loft of the local pizza joint that is like 5x4 feet big. Im lucky i didnt get caught considering a large billowing trail of smoke followed me out. Or in the hallway at a interpretive dance play version of Macbeth--that was wierd shit baked.
  17. Parking lot of LA County Jail right after getting out.
  18. i smoked in one dirty ass school bus that was broken down or i would have to say right ouside the YMCA at 10 in the mornin and went swimming
  19. the steps of a church.

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