Weirdest place you took a dump?

Discussion in 'General' started by dsd625, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. So I went out camping started to dig a hole then i dug into another hole did my shit came back next morning
    It was a motherf**king echidna hole .. Poor bugger :)
  2. Toilet of a whorehouse.:cool:
  3. While Hiking with a group of people lolol.

    Just fell behind the rest of the group of people as they rounded a corner, and then I went back a ways down a hill behind a huge bolder lol.

    Took a mad fast shit cause I had held it in for days lol.

    I pulled it off and no one noticed :cool:
  4. #1 hole at a golf course.

    Wiped with the flag too.
  5. Grass City should make a sub-thread section for you shit fetish stoners.:devious:

    This is now only the 50th thread topic about poop in 3 days!
  6. In the bushes near my old school.

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