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Weirdest People U've Smoked With.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ZooYork, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Ok this is for the weirdest people u smoked with.
    People that make your high even better !

    One time I smoked weed with a Deaf guy lol.
    It was some purple haze an it was some damn good bud.
    It was so weird tho becuase he was trippin me out lol :p
    Got me higher if I do not say so myself.
  2. Some old mexican stoner who didn't speak English that good.
    He showed up randomly at this party and he looked faded out of his mind and he bought a sack and he came back when we where smoking a bowl and grabbed it and was sorta swaying back and forth like a squid or something while smiling and hit it and started attempting to tell me stories, I could not understand him very well so I didn't get the stories, but it kept me entertained because every once in awhile he would randomly start dancing to the music and do the robot or some weird ass techno dance move or some shit. The guy was just trippin me out, lol.
  3. People at heavy metal concerts.
  4. One time I when I was like 16 I was on this seafront accross the road from an off-licence and we got some random junkie to go in and get us drink, when he came back he rolled up 2 joints of some seriously strong squidgy black and got us baked, then he was like "Lads, if you don't mind Im gonna' do a lilttle gear" and whipped out his needle, so we left.

    It was surreal.
  5. One time I was smoking with a Rock & Roll PA frofessor (College). It was on last Halloween. A friend of mine started to see this guy. Who happens to be a Rock & Roll professor. Lol. All of us were sippin on some beer and just chillin. Then my friend Tony was like "I'm going outside. Wanna go?" I was like hell yeah and my friend an her older Boyfriend came along too. I can distinctly remember passing the bong to the Professor. It felt like I was passing the bong to the Hand of Han Solo. Thats dude was dressed up like Han Solo. I was like "Damn, I'm really smoking with a Professor." Till this day I cannot help but tell people about this story if anyone mentions smoking with Weird People.
  6. The drummer in my band. He used to do alot of acid, so hes a trppy ass dude, he is still all there tho, and he is smart as fuck, just thinks weird.
  7. It always seems to be purple haze even though thats extinct...
  8. Smoked with NBA player Bonzi Wells back in high school
  9. A beach bum. A homeless guy in the city. A District Attorney. A couple of local cops. An old hippy we knew as 'Grateful Dave' because he went to just about every Dead show and had bootleg tapes of them all.

    Lots of weird and interesting people
  10. a crazy black guy that tried robbing us afterwards.... I am not racist but this guy certainly did not help for the black cause.....
  11. Color shouldn't even factor in other than to describe the dude. Tim McVeigh didn't help the 'white' cause much either, that doesn't mean all white dudes are going around blowing up Federal Buildings.
  12. i went to a harvest festival in Hancock NY in 06. Anyway it was freezeing cold one night so i decided to leave my tent for a bit find a fire get warm and smoke a j. So i go to this fire light my joint and a few middle aged guys come up yo me and ask me if they chould hit it so we smoke. I talk to them for a bit one of them was a doctor and the other was a school teacher.

    Next thing i know one of them pulls out a crack pipe and a big bag of rocks and starts smoking crack with his friend. i was like wtf? They asked me if id like a hit i said no ty. it was so weird normal people one sec huge crack heads the next.
  13. Skinheads. The bad type.

    Hogged the joint too. Bald little bastards.
  14. i smoked with this really short midget we smokd a few bowls of blueberry kush lol it tripped me out
  15. cant say i have
  16. smoked with a kid once who called himself "the king of moochers." moreover he was a wigger, and a shitty one at that. add that with a sarcastic attiude and total lack of basic manners. IE (ashing on my FUCKING CARPET!!! :devious:) and nearly breaking my $500 bong and saying "oh its just glass dawg cant be that expensive" and its a recipe for the weirdest lamest person ive ever smoked with.

    /rant :)
  17. My parents are african so when i was a freshman in high school we took a family trip to Nigeria and i smoked with one of my cousins and his friend. His friend was so sketch he was trying to impress cause i was american and tried to talk with an Italian mobster accent but it was a fun night
  18. there was this kid at my college we called him permatrip because he looked like he was permanently tripping (found out later he had some condition) and smoked with him, was weird as fuck
  19. I was sitting in my apartment one day smoking and then I heard someone at the door. Then in walks the maintenance man I thought I was going to get kicked out. He said that he thought no one was home. It turns out he was cool and just smoked with me while fixing the a/c.
  20. I've smoked twice with my father's bar buddy, and came close to smoking with my mother's boyfriend(though I'm glad that didn't happen).

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