Weirdest Object you wiped your ass with?

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  1. I know this thread is weird lol, but have you ever used anything to wipe your ass after you take a shit besides toilet paper?

    one time outside with friends I found a secluded area by a tree, I wiped my ass with o natural leafs LOL, and then once at my dad I got mixed up between the TP and the paper tissues and used a paper tissue to wipe my ass (I was drunk LOL)

    So whats your object? AHAHAH
  2. One time I was out in the woods and had to take a shit so bad that it couldnt' wait.

    I took my socks off and used them, they actually worked better than any toilet paper I've ever used, haha.

    I turned htem inside out so I got the side with more surface area to really grab the shit and get it off my ass.

    Completely off topic: Your sig is waaaaay too big dude.
  3. sock for me too
  4. took a shit in the woods when i was a kid n picked poison ivy leaves to wipe my ass with

    not a fun week.... not a fun week at all
  5. I had fucking diarrhea in the forest once and it was horrible.

    It turned more horrible when i was done and had no toilet paper...I actually used my boxers to wipe and left them there but I guess socks would have worked better.
  6. Dude, that is one of the most horrific things I could imagine happening.

    Walking around with poison ivy ass would suuuuuck.
  7. ahaha thats funny, and for my sig, i suppose so.
  8. My hand....:confused: jk.
    I dont know, I think I used the cardboard tube thing before when the toilet paper was finished.
    LOL@ your sig man, shits funny.:D
  9. Paper towels. I can proudly say I haven't wiped my butt with anything that isn't meant for hygienic purposes.:D
  10. I've used the brown cardboard toilet paper tube once in a desperate bathroom situation.
  11. Just dont forget that when you poop in the woods, and you have to squat, sometimes you pee when you poop. Make sure your dick is pointed in the right direction so when you go to shit in the already unacceptable situation, you dont end up pissing in your pants.

    and for me, a plastic bag.
  12. A bus transfer was an attempted ass wiping
  13. a pack of ciggerates,,

    hahaha no im just kidding
  14. when i was 8 or 9 i had a younger buddy who had a playstation and we always used to play twisted metal 2 all the fuckin time. well he had to take a shit and the paper was out. and he had no paper in the laundry room and i couldnt go upstairs for some reason...

    i got impatient and told him to just spray some of the good-smelling-bathroom spray on his butt and come back to play more ps1. Well he did lol and it hurt him something bad.

    i got in so much trouble for that lol. needless to say i fucked that up big time LOL
  15. Towell... I would have to say. I have Chrones, so I tend to shit alot... and when you run out of toilet paper... its the worts day of your life!
  16. hahaha That's hilarious.
  17. Hmmm.....

    coffee filters....

  18. ive used natural leafs from a tree, newspaper, computer paper, tissues, bathroom towels..... umm, maybe a pine cone or two once. a magazine once.... there was no tp in this bathroom stall, like 230 am, im on a roadtrip, and i took a huge dump, and there was this trucking magazine on the floor, lol, you know, like the car magazines, only thing one was selling those big ass diesel trucks. lol, funny how expensive them shits are..... its also funny to see like "450,000 miles, almost like brand new!!" lol and shit.... those trucks put on CRAZY mileage

  19. hoaha...GIMMIE MORE'',, ive also used coffee,filters,,,,,

    id have to say the wierdest thing,,, was a clean diaper,,,,,and some baby wipes,,,,,

    baby wipes are so fucked up to wipe with,,,because they are wet,,,,and your ass feels wet,,,,,,

    totally uncomfortable,,,,,:cool:

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