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Weirdest high so far

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by M$SSARI, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. So I only smoked weed 9 times and I might not again because of this experience I had. So I got a gram and split it into 2 joints w/ my friend. We both smoke half a g and after 15 mimutes I started felling like force is pushing me to the left side and every thing started getting scary, red, and dark. When I started walking I felt like falling and like im not controlling my body, my heart was pounding really hard and fast, i felt my insides moving, I can feel what I normally cant and because I smoked half a gram I dont think this is normal. I smoked more than a gram before and the high was not as intense, is this normal?
  2. What strain was it and what was the strsin last time.

    Try some bud with cbd in it it might help a bit

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  3. Not sure what strain but it was green and brown, sticky, a little of yellow, and I was sweating like hell. But I propably think it was just a sativa plant
  4. That narrows it down to about 100,000 strains.
  5. I've been like that before off salvia, that pulling from the left is a queer ol' feeling
  6. Sounds like you were pulling a whitey. When you have too much cannabis for you to handle best thing is to eat something sugary and sit in a cool place untill the sugar gets into ya system.

    Happened to me when i forst started smoming iff i went too far with it that would happen. I learnt if i ate it went away within a few mins

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  7. It's called getting way to fucked up. It's like drinking a fifth of whiskey when ideally a pint will set you right. How fucked up do you really need to be dude? Hit it a few times and enjoy yourself. Slow ya roll blade and ease up a bit.

  8. How old are you lol
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