Weirdest high ever

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SMOCATRON, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. Today I seshed with three old high school friends. We all had a joint each then a few bong rips each. It was super dank shit and we all got stoned as hell.
    The weird thing was when the high fully kicked in it kinda felt like deja vu but like for 3 hours straight. It felt like I was living out a dream which I had in the past, like a dream of mine is coming true.
    Our conversations and even the music playing in the background all seemed like it had happened exactly before. It was like my dreams predicted the future. I was kinda freaking out because no matter what I said or did, it feels like I ended up just doing what I did in the dream and I had no control over anything.
    Still, I got fucked up pretty good and it was a super chill sesh. Has anyone had a similar experience or was I just too fucked up?

  2. Sounds like you were pretty fucked up man. I've noticed if I smoke enough it feels the same way.
  3. MrCompletions sometimes experiences that after time travel. What's the condition of your flux capacitor?

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  4. I kinda felt like that the one time I made some strong muchies and kept eating them. I was a vicious cycle lol. I should have had some unmedicated muchies available hahaha lesson learned. That was one wild ride!!

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