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Weirdest/ funnest molly trip

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Agovita, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. Hey, so kinda just a trip report, if your not bored, don't really bother reading.

    So I popped .3 of molly in gel caps two days ago, and within a half hour started to thizz. The first time I took these particular pills it took 80 minutes. Anyhow, I start rolling hard, and most of the E high is very familiar, but then I started to notice some strange visuals. We were watching a movie.... Wall-E, and I kept seeing bizarre things. I saw a cat at 4 different times, and watched them both shave a face into a watermelon, and also pave a road. Wait, what?

    We then went outside and lay on my trampoline, and even though it was dark out I could see the clouds perfectly. They became pixilated, and 'shuddered' (would flash-move a centimeter across the sky) I noticed a shape that looked like a squirrel, then it morphed into a dragon (very real, more real than any cloud could be, but still pixelated) and it chased a ball all the way across the sky. I then noticed it hadn't moved at all.... there was no wind.

    Also, at one point, I saw AND heard a pair of people walk right past my trampoline (within twenty feet), but noone was there.

    Lots of visuals, most of them I can't really describe, and I think I've read about this sort of pattern-visual happening, but never the appearing cats and people...

    Anyway, it was lots of fun, since usually when I take hallucinogens I don't even get visuals, so this was a fun molly trip for me. Anyone ever have one like this?
  2. I've seen some trippy shit on Molly...definite slight visuals my first roll - 110mg mdma..
  3. Thats quite a bit of mdma right thurr
  4. Not really, a little more than .1g..you must have misread..:p
  5. a good dose is like 80mg, so he was rolling good.

    there were times id be rolling so hard, id hit some weed really hard and when i blew out, id like forget where i was or who i was talking to for like 2 seconds.
  6. Yeah, I've had some weird trips thats for sure. One time I kept on seeing shit like my friend had glasses on even though he didn't.
  7. Isn't that crazy? I also smoked about a dub, since apparently you can smoke to on limit while rollin, anyone ever hit a 5 foot bong and clear it in one hit? Three times back to back? Hahaha, the hits you can take without coughing!

    Another thing, anyone else get 'molly burps'? I burp all the time on molly.
  8. LOL i thought it said 1100mg mdma and i was like WHAAT!! My fault.:smoking:
  9. i too have seen a cat while rolling! i forgot what press it was but i took 3 1/2 of some green somethings and we were watching i think scanner darkly and i looked over and the most real looking cat was walking around on my bookshelf! a little later i was staring at my wall and all the pictures on it started moving around and doing things.i always just assumed there was some type of research chemical in those pills but who knows
  10. Hands down Alice iN Chains at the house of blues in NOLA. What a night ended up at the irish pub at 4 am.
  11. i was at a rave one time and ate a whole gram of molly over the course of the night (yes, a whole gram :eek:) and i started to see things too unexplainable only to molly causing visual hallucinations. nothing too crazy

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