Weirdest Female PreFlower or Something Else?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by RustyShacks111, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone!

    I am at Day 8 into Flowering, and I've been watching my plants closely for signs of gender. I've noticed a little pear shaped guy that I've been keeping an eye on day by day to look for pistils, and behold, I was surprised in more ways than one. What I thought was two white pistils turned out to be definitely something white and something that resembles a female preflower, but it looks a bit odd to me. Maybe its just underdeveloped and the pistils haven't fully grown yet? Either way, is this a female preflower or something else?

    I know what the preflowers look like, but I haven't seen one with such think white whatever.

  2. Female.
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  3. Glad to hear a second opinion. I figured it was just female pistils, but I am used to seeing thinner, wispier pistils. Hopefully she doesn't hermie on me. She is bagseed so there is always that chance.
  4. There's probably more of a chance from half of the so called "breeders" out there.

  5. Damn. I planned on driving to a dispensary anyway for needed seeds once my bagseed supply dries up. That way I can at least somewhat inspect the product before purchasing.
  6. your camera is having a hard time focusing on the object. is that the only spot where that is occuring? i have a seed thats almost 4 weeks into veg, and i can see white hairy pistles forming within the inside of the stalk. not specifically at the calyx. it hasnt developed any yet.
  7. Yeah, I have a bad camera on my phone. My fiance has a better camera on hers, maybe I'll use hers when she is home from work. See if I can get a better picture.

    So far yes it is the only spot which there is any white pistils/whatever growing. Its the 4th or 5th node.
  8. Too hard to see anything in detail but it looks to me like a pistil folded over, like an ingrown hair or something.

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